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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Wyatt Ray’s Christmas Workout

December 28th, 2015 · 5 Comments · My Adventures

Hey Tripawds Fans!

Anypawdy else out there feel like they ate a few too many cookies? Well here’s the fun workout I did Christmas morning to work off the big bone I got

tripawd workout with wyatt

I thought we were just going for our usual walk. But my people found a fitness course where we are staying, and started having me use all the obstacles for some fun training before opening up the rest of my presents.

tripawd workout with wyatt

I’ve been doing conditioning exercises like this for a while on my FitPAWS gear, so I make it look easy. But you can do it too! Just be sure to do some warm up exercises first, and work your way up to the more difficult stuff.

tripawd workout with wyatt

Hopping from one step to another builds confidence and leg strength. Going up and down the steps first was a good cardio workout too!

tripawd workout with wyatt

Balancing on my FitBone is one thing. These little posts were a challenge! But I showed them I could do it.

tripawd workout with wyatt

This type of balancing is great for developing proprioception and building core strength. Look ma, one paw!

tripawd workout with wyatt

Next they had me walk the balance beam. Sort of…I hopped up and along some benches first.

tripawd workout with wyatt

But then I scooted down these really narrow beams with both my front paws. That counts right?

All this stuff helps me keep fit and strong—because a healthy tripawd, is a happy tripawd!

More Fun Fitness For Tripawds

You can do exercises like this at home too! Just check out this DIY obstacle course Maggie’s mom shows you how to make. You’ll find many more exercises to keep Tripawds strong in the Featured Blogs, and the Tripwds e-book Loving Life On Three Legs.

Speaking of Maggie Moo, please consider consulting with a certified rehab tech before starting any serious exercise regimen. You can even get reimbursed for your first visit by the Tripawds Foundation!

Vet Rehab Reimbursement


Hoppy Holidays to Tripawds Everywhere!

December 25th, 2015 · 2 Comments · My Pack

Feliz Navidog! 🙂

Sing along with me as I wish Hoppy Holidays to Tripawds Everywhere!


Dear Santa Paws

December 22nd, 2015 · 4 Comments · My Thoughts

Hello Santa Paws.

I  think I’ve been a very good Dawg this year, don’t you? I mean after last year’s Christmastime Bellyache, I haven’t landed myself in the pawspital again. After all, we Shepherds are darn smart, we learn quick. No more “foreign objects” for me, I’ll stick with real food from now on.

It’s been a good year. I went from coast to coast, met neat people and behaved myself soooo good, like better than ever. After all, I’ll be seven years old in a few days, I think it’s time I act like a grown up. And I’ll show you how grown up I am now . . . this year, all I want for Christmas is for all the Tripawds out there to be hoppy and healthy for a long, long time. To get out of shelters, to live the good life and be with people who love them furever and ever. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask, do you?

Thanks Santa Paws,
I knew you could do it!

Hoppy Howlidays everypawdy!

German Shepherd Christmas


The Spirit of Bucky and Me

November 15th, 2015 · 2 Comments · My Thoughts

Ashes to ashes . . . they say that’s all we are in the end. But we are so much more than that don’t  you think? Take my friend Spirit Bucky for example.

Bucky, photo by TC Wait

Bucky was a pack member of the Odaroloc Sled Dogs, who you might know because of Tripawd Hero Calpurnia. Bucky was the kind of dawg who showed the world that statistics don’t mean a thing. He beat the cancer odds with not just one but two kinds of cancer, including hemangiosarcma! He made it 48 months when he was only supposed to stick around for six! His momma TC wrote in her blog:

Bucky was the kind of dog that didn’t care that he wasn’t a “real” sled dog.  He didn’t care that his coat was thin, his legs a bit too long, or that his ears were apparently put on backwards.  He loved being a part of his team, and when they sang, he did his very best to howl along in a baying hound sort of way.

So, you know how when you see someone cool, someone who just has a certain sparkle about them, you think “Man, I want some of what they’ve got!” Well, I got some of what Bucky had. Really!

sled dog, musher, german shepherd

Travelin with the Odaroloc Dawgs

When I saw the Odaroloc team last month, TC came over to share some of Bucky’s spirit with me. She carries his ashes around when the team travels. Sometimes dogs are lucky enough to get a dash of bucky Magic. . .

“Nice to meet you Bucky!”

On October 4th, the Feast of Saint Francis, which my people say was really cool to do on that day, I got some Bucky Magic. TC came over and took a pinch of his ashes and rubbed them on my head.

“Oh I’m not supposed to eat it?”

We’re nothing but a pile of ashes in the end, but I gots to believe that some of our goodness is left with those ashes too. So, hey ain’t it cool I got a pile of Bucky goodness all over my fur that day?

“Thank you TC”

Thank you TC and Bucky, I feel pretty special.





Mountain Mushing Madness

October 11th, 2015 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Hey Tripawders it’s been a long time, did you miss me? Sorry I haven’t written, things have been really busy here, see?

tripawd german shepherd dog

Three-legged pawty animal.

Today I’m chillaxin’ and thinking about my friends, the Odaroloc Sled Dawgs. Last week I got to hook up with them again, in the mountains. And man, was it cool. I mean like cold enough for the Huskies to do their thing: MUSH!

three legged german shepherd sled dog

Hey guys remember me?

And GUESS WHO got to go along for a run? You guessed it, the only three-legged German Shepherd sled dog in the world: ME!

German Shepherd musher dog

I’m on the team!

When I met up with them the team was practicing for their big move to Alaska in the winter, so there was no snow, but that’s OK, dirt is just fine by us.

That’s TC, and she’s lead Musher Queen. She had to look hard to find an extra big harness just for me. See, working Huskies are small, and I’m not. But that’s kewl. It fit and she found my color.

Three legged German Shepherd sled dog

Is purple my color?

I had to chill with the boys for a while, just to make sure we all knew what each other’s butts smelled like. After all, what else do you do when you’re running with team, right?  I also had to practice my howling, just to make sure I fit in.

three legged German Shepherd sled dog

I can howl with the best of ’em!

Later that day, like really later, I passed the sled dawg test and got my chance to mush! We ran at night, because well, see, dogs see better than yous humans in the dark. Plus, it was super cold which is perfect for running.

three legged Sled Dog German Shepherd


And we were off! We ran as far as any special needs sled dawg team could! There was me, and all of the retired Odaroloc team members having the time of our lives.

three legged German Shepherd sled dog

Don’t try this at home kids!

It was only a short fun run and not very far but dang! To be part of a TEAM, to run like the wind and pull and howl and  . . . wow! TC says I found my calling. She better watch out. I might be hitching a ride to Alaska this winter.

Next time I got another story to tell you about the Spirit of Bucky. But I’ll save that one for later, it’s good.  Over and out. And MUSH ON!