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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

My Cool Alaskanada Summer

August 17th, 2018 · 5 Comments · My Adventures

Oh Canada how I love thee! Hey Alaska, you’re not bad yourself either! Thank you for a long, cool summer, it’s just the kind of weather a dawg like me prefers.

Wyatt at Salmon Glacier Summit

I like this glacier thing.

From the Yukon to the coast and everywhere inbetween, I couldn’t have asked for a better summer. There is water everywhere up  here!

Wyatt swims at Carcross, Yukon

Give me water, hear me roar!

Every chance I got I went for a swim. Cool water? Who cares, if the sun’s out, I’m game! The only problem with all that nice water is . . . MOSQUITOES!

See the black dots in the photo? Yes my friend, those are the legendary Alaska mosquitoes swarming around me! As big as a house fly and completely indestructible. Scary beasts aren’t they? I was not happy when mom took this picture.

Can you see the giant Alaska mosquitoes? I can!

Of course being a three-legged dog, mom takes it easy with me. My hikes are pretty short and I only swim for a few minutes at a time (like maybe 5 laps), then rest for a few minutes.

Wyatt swims at Carcross, Yukon

Water is my friend. Mosquitoes can’t get me there!

When you’ve spent your whole life on three, that’s how it goes. Can’t be too careful right? Well that’s what she says anyhow.

As for me, well I know I can make as good a pack dawg as any. If I were around in the gold rush days I’d be right there with this pup, helping out the sad old miners.

Wyatt visits Skagway, Alaska

Where’s my pack? I’m ready!

I wish I could stay up here all year. This is my kinda place. But mom and dad are already telling me it’s time to go.

Wyatt at Glacier near Steart, BC and Hyder, Alaska

But Mommm, I don’t want to leave!

They said something about going back to Colorado in a few weeks. I’m glad because I like it there. But I also heard them say “When he sees the VET.”  I’ll pretend I didn’t catch on to their ploy.

Keep on truckin’ Tripawds Nation, I hope you are having a good season.

I did NOT hear you say the V word, right?



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  • Purrkins

    Wyatt Ray your one handsome Dawg your portraits are amazing! Even with those ENORMOUS bloodsuckers eek! I can only imagine how much blood they need from us WOW! Adios bloodsuckers! Yep, those bloodsuckers wait for you to come out of the water.

    I am guessing that is all smoke behind you & not the sky. Wyatt, I think it is Purrfect timing to head to Colorado! You have had one heck of an adventure you lucky Dawg you!

    We are sending healing wishes and maybe you can skip the V word, buddy! We can hope so rest and more rest! You are weeks away from any of the V words k!

    Love to you all be safe

  • paws120

    Wyatt!! So glad you are enjoying your summer!! Sounds like it has been dandy 💖
    That area is just breathtaking (minus the skeeters!!)
    It has been warm and rainy here, you are not missing anything!! Enjoy your adventures to Colorado, sounds like it will be a blast.. (minus the “V” word 🤭
    Love and safe travels to all of you, have fun!
    Jackie, Huck, and her crazy crew 💞💞

  • wyattraydawg

    I’m giving the bloodsuckers a farewell party on everyone’s behalf. They can stay up here!

    In a few days listen real hard, you’ll hear some barking and know that I’m back in the U.S. Yes that’s ME!


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