Romping and Rolling into the New Year

Guess what Tripawd Spokesdog Wyatt Ray has been up to? Yep! He’s road tripping all over the southwest this winter. Catch up with his Nevada, California and Arizona travels.

Maybe it’s all the sugar I ate on pie day, but the days are flying by so fast now! After Thanksgiving my dad put his foot on the gas and got us rolling along to our next adventure.

Tripawd, Colorado River
“Surf’s up dudes!”

First we went to the Colorado River. It was the first time I ran on the beach without a leash in FOREVER! Wheee! Too bad it was so cold ’cause Mom and Dad say they would have stayed longer. They’re not tough like me, they like warm weather. Me? I’d rather be mushing with my sled dog pals. Like that’ll ever happen!

Tripawd, Southern California, German Sheperd
“Sunshine, it’s nice to see you again!”

So away we went to Southern California, where it got a little sunnier and warmer. If you’re wondering what a sunny, warm Christmas is like, well here ya go folks. Don’t get jealous though. There’s no rest for the weary here. Mom and Dad work all day, and they make me do my workouts too! See?

Tripawd, core-strengthening, exercise
“This is how we roll on our walks”

Do you like my paw-stand? Mom says it’s good for me to know how to balance like this. She thinks it’ll help me stay strong. I’m not sure how. Whatever though. At least I get treats.

As you know, Santa rolled around last month at my grand pawrents house. And he even left gifts for ME! After all the stunts I pulled last year, Mom says Santa decided I was a good boy and paid me a little visit. I got some treats and a fun game you’ll read more about later.

Tripawd Christmas
“Paper is more fun than presents, don’t you think?”

The day wore me out. I don’t know how I survived all the wrapping paper explosions. But I was SO good, I didn’t even grab cookies off the table!

Christmas Tripawd German Shepherd
“Christmas wears me out.”

And now we’re back to normal around here. Well, as normal as a pack who lives in a doghouse on wheels can get. Next up, we’re headed back to Arizona. My people tell me that in spring we’ll eventually get to Jerry’s Acres in Colorado, where we’ll spend the WHOLE SUMMER chasing skwirels! Maybe the snow will wait for me. I miss it.

Wyatt, Tripawd, RVing
“Snoozin while cruisin through the desert.”

Till next time, keep warm (it’s cold out there!). See ya on down the road peoples!

On the Road Again

Three legged Wyatt Ray packs up from Arizona and hits the road on another RV road trip adventure.

Look out world. Here I come, King of the Road.

It’s been fun here in dusty Arizona, hanging with the farm animals and wildebeasts.

I’ve never gotten to play in the dirt this much, ever!

I get to run free and bark and poo wherever I want. A leash? What’s THAT?

I love Arizona, there are no rules here for me!

But it’s time to pack up and hit the road again.

Mom and Dad have put away all of my stuff and we’re leaving town tomorrow. Not sure where we’ll end up but I have a feeling it’s some where paved and full of people.

Mom said something about me needing a bath.

Uh oh. That’s just no fun at all.

Gregory the Peccary, Arch Enemy Number One

Three legged Shepherd Wyatt guards his Arizona desert property against Gregory the Peccary.

“What I Did on My Winter Vacation”
by Wyatt Ray Dawg.

When we got here to the dirty, dusty desert, I heard these crazy noises coming from the bushes.

Then I heard snorting, and oinking and digging. So I dug around, trying to find out what it was.

Suddenly, a Dog Awful stench came from the bushes. Dude, it smelled worse than a Monkeybutt, it was so bad.

So I ran over to check it out.

Zoink! Boink! WOWWWEEEEE!  What the heck is this thing? Is it a dog? Is it a pig? Is it a pig dog?

Nooooo. It’s a Peccary! What the…..?

The Peccary

“Collaried peccaries are sometimes called “musk hogs” because of a strong odor emitted from musk glands near the rump and eyes. They are also called “javelinas,” the Spanish word for javelin, because of their short, straight tusks, which they use for defense.”

Don’t kid yourself, these things are NOT cute! They smell! Oh DOG do they smell! And they dig! They snoop around and say bad things about me every day before I eat dinner!

This pig thing introduced himself and says his name is Greggery. He wants to be friends, but I know he has other plans. All he wants is to dig under the fence and come inside my doghouse on wheels to eat everything in sight!

So I’m spending my days, guarding my doghouse and the property, looking out for the roving pack of stinky pigs, and Greggery the Peccary, Arch Enemy #1.

3-Legged Buffalo Hunting

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray flies to Quartzsite Arizona with the snowbird RVers.

I’m not trying to make you jealous or anything. But since this blog is all about my adventures, I am obliged to report that this month I am sitting in the Arizona sun, lounging and stalking anything that  moves.

Lizards, birds, even these things called “javalenas” which are supposed to be even meaner than me!

One day, I was walking around this thing called a flea market…can somepawdy please tell me how fleas get to have their own store?

So like the fleas had this one store, and look at what was there!

He was a silent type. Didn’t say much, and didn’t even care when I came around to sniff him.

(Buffalo stink like Monkeybutts, by the way!).

Pawtying it Up with Arizona Tripawds

Three legged Shepherd dog Wyatt Ray meets tripod Dixie and Chuy in Messa Arizona.

Last week I went to a pawty. But not just any pawty, a Tripawd Pawty! I got to meet my Arizona pals, Chuy and Dixie, and even Nikki and Buddy‘s pawrents, Ted and Mary, came by to say Woof!

Chuy and Dixie are the low key, play-it-cool type of dogs (although I think Chuy didn’t want to let on how crazy he can get!).

For some reason they don’t like to run around wild and bark at anything that moves. Hmmm…wonder why? But that’s OK, because I still think they’re cool. We got along pretty good despite my pestering them to let me chase ’em around.

I really liked being around Dixie. She’s so calm and self-assured. She’s got the Tripawd ‘tude and she wears it well.

The best part about going to a Tripawd pawty at the dog park, is that all the humans there think we are AWESOME.

I mean I already know we are but it’s so much fun to watch their jaws hit the dirt when they look at us and go “hey, those dogs are all missing a leg!”

I had to leave Arizona after the pawty (no, they didn’t kick me out, I’m going back to Colorado with my pack). But I hope that Chuy, Dixie and some other Tripawds that are in the area will continue to have pawties and keep on showing the locals that Triapawds rule!