Giving Thanks on Pie Day

Can a German Shepherd eat two pies and survive? Find out with the latest adventures of Tripawd Wyatt Ray Dawg.

Hoppy Thanksgiving everypawdy! I hope you had as much fun as I did. My people cooked all day yesterday. Then their friends came over yesterday and I got very excited when I smelled all the yummy food. Like, stuff I NEVER see in our doghouse on wheels, starting with Turkey! Dude, I wanted to eat everything but I guess nobody heard my stomach growling.

Tripawd, German Shepherd, Thanksgiving, pie
Dude, did you not hear my stomach growling yesterday?

Mom and Dad and their friends put me inside the doghouse on wheels while THEY went to eat all the good stuff. Can you believe that? I mean, why didn’t they invite ME?

When they were outside, I smelled something good. Mom must have thought that little baby gate was going to keep me away from it I guess. But when I put my giant schnoz to work and saw they forgot to take the pies over to the dining tent, I figured I’d help them out a little. After all, no humans need to eat that much, right?

German Shepherd Thankgiving pie
Mom makes really good pies!

So I moved the pies from their hiding place and guess what I did? Yep. I. Ate. The. Pies. Yes, that’s “Pie” with a “S”. Oh my dawg dude, the pecan and pumpkin pies Mom made were to DIE FOR.

And when my people came inside to get the rest of the food and saw that I ate the pies, they almost killed me!

German Shepherd Thankgiving pie
I even cleaned up all the crumbs!

Luckily, I didn’t die. I’m feeling a little woozy today but after everything I’ve eaten (like a road flare and shorts, for starters), my stomach is coated with iron. Nothing can take me down! Not even two Thanksgiving pies.

Even after I helped them with dinner, I didn’t get ANY of that turkey. Aren’t they so mean?




Big Eater, Little Kitchen

Three legged Tripawd mascott Wyatt Ray Dawg wonders why his Mom cooks his dog food in the RV kitchen.

Mom says that we went from an 18 cubic foot refrigerator to a 10 cubic foot one, when we moved into the Dog House on Wheels. Our stove is a lot smaller too she says.

I’m not sure what that means. All I know is that she cooks more for me, like every two days! And it makes me craaaaaazy when I smell it on the stove. She can’t understand why I drool and beg and whine and shake whenever that stuff is cookin’. She’s a great cook!

Mom says she’s thinking about buying me kibble, because she’s mad that she can’t put ice cream or frozen shrimp in the little freezer. She says my food takes up all the space! I say, “so what?!”

When we leave the Desert Rose and head to the big city, it’s kibble for me I guess, or at least until we get back to Colorado. Personally, I don’t care what I eat. I love ANY food. Mom doesn’t have to work so hard. I’ll eat polyfill stuffing from my Barney if she lets me.

Home Cooking is Good for My Belly

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt eats home cooked dog food from the Whole Pet Diet book.

Spots Stew Home Cooked Dog FoodSince I came to live with Mom and Dad, they’ve been feeding me a combination of home cooked dinners, and premium kibble for breakfast. I love any kind of food, I really don’t care what I eat, it’s all good to me.

But Mom and Dad are now saying I’m going to eat nothing but home cooked  and raw foods from now on. Mom read this book, The Whole Pet Diet, that has all kinds of cool recipes in it, and the dirt about what’s really in dog food. My cousins also eat nothing but home cooked food based on the recipes in this book, and they love it.

Wyatt Eats Spot's StewSo here’s a photo of some turkey stew that Mom made for me. She cooks big batches about once a week, just for me!

And here’s a picture of me eating it. Dad laughed his head off when Mom put it down, he thought I wouldn’t want to eat anything that looked that disgusting.

But here I am, licking the bowl clean. I’m pretty spoiled aren’t I?

WyattFinishesDinnerThis is good stuff. I know it is, because I have the softest, shiniest fur now, and no more itchy skin or bad breath.

Look out ladies, here I come!