Thanks for Looking Out for Us, Wild Angel Dog

Remembering Tripawds spokepup and wild angel dog, Wyatt Ray, on his two year angelversary at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hey Wyatt, how’s the Rainbow Bridge holding up with you running the show? We can just imagine you’re running things like a well-oiled machine, everything orderly and nothing out of place.

three legged german shepherd wyatt
Wyatt Ray, May 2017

Two years ago today, you sprouted wings and ditched those old earth clothes. Twelve years was a good long life for a three-legged German Shepherd, but being human, we still wanted more. You, however, had other plans, and made sure you let us know that it was time for you go. We respected that, broken hearts and all.

After you left, our life was pretty tame. No more eating inappropriate objects, or rowdy riots with the Oaktown Pack. Can’t say we missed any of that chaos, but we sure missed you, Mr. Handsome. In fact we missed you so much that we couldn’t bring ourselves to bring another dog into the pack. We came close, but again, you had other plans for us.

From far away, you orchestrated the most beautiful thing you ever did for anyone. Thank you for making sure that Nellie B. Dawg was picked up the mean streets of San Jose. By some miracle, you got her off death row, and sent her to the two people she was meant to be with forever.

wild angel Wyatt angelversary

You just knew Nellie is a little like you, and a little like Jerry (yes, I know, “Jerry this and Jerry that, Jerry Jerry Jerry.“). She’s the perfect blend of a German Shepherd who knows how to love her people with all her heart, and keep them on their toes in the big bad world to make sure everyone knows who’s in charge.

Thank you for bringing her to us, wild angel dog, and for all the years you taught us how to be patient, wiser dog parents. Because of you, Nellie is finally getting the home she deserves. We are furever grateful for your handiwork from afar, and thank the universe every day that somewhere, you are still looking out for all of us.

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Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

6 thoughts on “Thanks for Looking Out for Us, Wild Angel Dog”

  1. We will never forget you Wild Dawg. That time you puked in the back door cupholder and Ralph had to take the truck door apart to get it all out. That deer chasing adventure at Jerry’s Acres. The wild and crazy and LOUD pandemonium that ensued every time we got together. Splashing in Colorado mountain lakes, racing unleashed through California grasslands, we all had such fun together. We miss you Wyatt, you may be gone but you will always be in our hearts … because love never dies.

  2. Awwwww that means so much coming from you TR. We sure miss that boy. And what good times with you and the OP. Once-in-a-lifetime memories of some incredible dawgs. We’re so glad we could be part of that magic with you.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, handsome guy! Just from this little bit you shared of Wyatt’s life, it’s so apparent how much love, joy and friendship you shared with him. And now you get to pass that onto another lucky gal – Nellie! How lucky she is to be part of your pack. The love you share with her is directly connected to the love you had with Wyatt. Such a beautiful thing!

    Also, OMG! That is some amazing scenery! I’m sure where Wyatt is, it looks just like that!

  4. Cannot beloe Wyatt has been at the Bridge two years. He is still such a s huge presence here and always will. Of course he will share his space here with “Jerry this, Jerry that, Jerry Jerry Jerry”😉)
    Have heard a lot of stories about the antics of Wyatt through the years, but hadn’t heard about puking the cupholder of Ralph’s truck….eewww🤮
    I really enjoyed looking at your photos and taking a walk down Memory Lane with video. It reminds us all of how much joy and love in your life you had every single moment.
    You traveled soooo many places and had so many wonderful adventures. You showed us parts of Americthat I know I’ll never get to see personally. Through your eyes I was able to”see” so much of our country
    Definitely that photo of you in the snow is Christmas card perfect.
    We were also happy when you orchestrated the homecoming for Nellie to be with your beloved Jim and beloved Rene. They needed her to help heal their hearts just as badly as she needed then to heal her heart and show her love and security. Their connection and comfort with each other. was instant.
    Keep on regulating things from The Bridge Wyatt!
    Oh, and enjoy eating all those Thanksgiving pies followed by a dessert of dish towels . All tummies are free to eat anything and not jave any consequences 😎
    Love you Wyatt Ray♥️♥️♥️
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. Awww thanks for reading his tribute. Wish you could have met him but maybe someday you can come out to where we are camped and meet Nellie, our little gift from Wyatt!

  6. LOL Sally! You were along for much of the crazy wild ride with Wyatt, and sharing those good times with us. I love that you remembered the pies and dish towels. Yeah I hope he gets to eat whatever he wants now too. And oh yeah I totally forgot about the puke in the cupholder incident! Hopefully Nellie’s antics will be a little tamer 🙂 xoxo

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