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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

My Video Debut

September 2nd, 2009 · 19 Comments · My Pack

Tripawds fans have been asking all about me and when they’ll get to see a video! So – without further adieu – my people are proud to present the video introduction of the new Tripawds spokespup, yours truly …

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  • ldillon81


  • gineej

    It does my heart good to see the three of you together, I think you have found an amazing boy to help you carry on Jerry’s “leg”acy!!
    Paris and I send you a lick and a hug!

  • horacia

    Wow-Wow! You are one beautiful pup!
    Glad to have you as our spokespup. Have a good, wonderful life on Jerry’s Acres!

  • chuymaloney

    This is so wonderful for all of you! Welcome Wyatt Ray Dawg, you’re going to LOVE your new home and family, they’re awesome!!!!!

  • jjdawg

    YEAH Wyatt! You and your pawrents look great and happy there on Jerry’s acres. I’ll check in on your regularly. Take care of yourself, ok? Nice knowing you buddy,

  • Jerry. Jerry. Jerry.

    […] for the record, I am the new dog. And while we may never share that same bond they had with the almighty Jerry, I get the feeling […]

  • quiltymare

    Hey, it’s been a very long time coming for you to come into your pawrents lives… so I’m happy for you all. Pogi and I say Howdy, Wyatt and welcome!!!

    Mary and Pogi

  • Lisa Weaver

    what a cutie! Once again, this gave me goosebumps and just the most incredible feeling of joy, love (and sorrow in missing my shepherds). I too have a new rescue. Though I have never had a tripawd dog, both of my German Shepherds ended up crippled due to hip problems so I have felt the pain of dealing with that part. I think you are incredible people and I’m so warmed by your story.

    Have fun with Wyatt Ray Dawg!! He looks like he has such a cute personality. Gosh, I know he feels as if he was lifted from Hell and brought into Heaven when he went from the bad place he was into your lives.

    Bless you both. Have a wonderful day and have fun. Life is sure too short not to!!

  • wyattraydawg

    Lisa, thank you for watching my movie. I hope we and your pack get to meet sometime!

    Yeah, Spirit Jerry had bad hips too. My pawrents are hoping that I don’t because I don’t have any more spare legs!

    Bye for now. xoxo

  • karrie

    Nice to meet you Mr Wyatt Ray. I am so happy for all of you that you found each other. It angers me because of the way you found him but in the end the main thing is that wyatt will never suffer that torment again. We got ourselves a puppy (toy poodle) since saying goodbye to our flipster. We know he cant and wont replace flip but, yes, he fills the void in our life. He is a mini me of flip, very sweet, and my shadow, lol, and that makes me happy. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and prayers with me with the loss of our dog. I would like to share a poem with you.

    The day that you died
    My heart split in two
    One side filled with memories
    The other died with you
    Now I lay awake at night
    While the world is asleep
    To take a walk down memory lane
    A tear upon my cheek
    Remembering you is easy
    I do it every day
    But missing you is heartache
    That never goes away
    I hold you lightly in my heart
    There you shall remain
    Now life goes on without you
    But it will never be the same

  • Starlady

    Loved watching this video! You guys are just so creative with your videos! Love your sense of humor, too!! LOL

    As I said originally, and continue to say, Wyatt is one handsome boy…I know he will continue to carry on the important message that Jerry spread around the world…that tripawds are awesome and are a beloved part of their pawrents’ lives!

    Keep up the good work, Wyatt, and I’m waiting to see the video of you driving that tractor!! :))

    Sandra and The Gang

  • Sara

    I enjoy your video even if i could not understand all the words…
    Very beautiful site and wonderful dog!!!
    I’ll share your site on my page in facebook for sensitize adoption of tripawds dogs and cats.
    I hope you’ll agree!

  • Sara

    I enjoy your video even if i could not understand all the words…
    Very beautiful site and wonderful dog!!!
    I’ll share your site on my page in facebook ( for sensitize adoption of tripawds dogs and cats.
    I hope you’ll agree!

  • jerry

    Thank you for watching the video Sara! We love the work you are doing in Italy, thank you so much for being there for the animals.

  • voodoo

    wow, what a beautiful boy and funny too LOL

  • Super Stu!

    Super to meet you Mr Wyatt Ray Dawg! What a beautiful pup you are!
    You guys are all amazing. What a great way to continue on with Jerry’s ‘Leg’acy! Very cute!
    I can’t say thank you enough for your commitment to Tripawds everywhere!
    Stewie will be very impressed when I show him your website!

  • wyattraydawg

    Paw shucks Stewie and co., you guys are the coolest! Tell Stewie to get well soon, I wanna play!

  • Nina Hettema

    Hi Rene, and Jim, and Wyatt Ray –
    I actually cried watching this and hearing about how you brought this beautiful, amazing new guy into your life. He’s a lucky dawg, and you are lucky too! Love balances so well on three legs, doesn’t it?
    May he hopalong long life at Jerry’s acres. And
    thank you for all you do.

  • wyattraydawg

    Oh Nina, it is so good to hear from you. Thank you for watching our video, I’m glad you liked it. Please stop by our forums and update us on things. You are in our hearts, always.

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