When the Humans Are Away . . .

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray stays home alone without the crate for the first time.

The German Shepherds play. Or at least I will, all by myself!

Today Mom and Dad left me all alone in the house, without locking me in the big ugly cage! Can you believe it? First time EVER, for that long.

They’ve been messing with my head lately, leaving me all alone in the house for a few  minutes each time, but today was the real deal. 

When they left this morning, I heard Mom say she “thinks” they can trust me alone for a couple of hours. I don’t know why she was so worried!

They were gone all morning and when they came back at lunch, there I was waiting for them, being my usual charming self. 

I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t have, chew on anypawdy’s shoes or scratch at the door. All I did was dance on the couch for a little bit, which tired me out so I slept. When I woke up, I heard them in the driveway.

“You’re a big boy now, Wyatt!” Mom sez to me. “You’re all growed up!”

Really? Me? 

No more crate? No way! 

Let’s pawty!


Here Comes Dr. Feelgood

Tripawds three legged spokesdawg Wyatt Ray goes for exploratory surgery at Colorado State University.

Hah! None of you got the answer to my contest right. But none of you got it wrong either.  Even those smarty pants Colorado State Vets didn’t know.

They poked and prodded and sliced, and . . . uh oh. Nothing came out. Nothing smelly or icky or runny or anything good like that.

Finally the vets came out and said “So, it could be this, or it could be that, but it doesn’t look like cancer. But we need to ‘go in’ and see.”

Before I knew it, Mom was giving me big hugs and then the nice lady vet walked me down the hall away from Mom and Dad. And that was that. So here I sit in a cold steel kennel, waiting . . . . (I’m sending this to my Mom psychically, you know?).

Tomorrow,  Dr. Feelgood is gonna zonk me out and when I wake up, we’ll know what to call that creature in my leg.

Down the rabbit hole I go.




My Ten-Pawed Pawty

Three legged Wyatt meets tripod Dakota at the Larimer County Humane Society Fire Hydrant 5 Fundraiser in Fort Collins.

I’m finally recovered from the wild and crazy pawty at my crib last weekend. Whew! Who knew that keeping up with a nine year old Tripawd and his girldog bodyguard would be so much work?

Dakota and Evelyn came to see me doing my working dawg impawsonation.

I had to demo my Fit Paws skills at some big event in town.

My fans kept rushing the stage, I had to keep them away.

It got so bad that I had to call in my crew to keep them back!

While Dakota was working hard trying to get people to buy my Mom’s Tripawds jewlery

and Evelyn was looking for something to eat . . .

I got so excited!

Someone yelled “WYATT!” and they weren’t yelling at me! Another Tripawd with MY name showed up!

I dunno though, he wasn’t too cool with my antics. What up dude, how come you aren’t digging my barking?

After that long day in the pawk, we took Dakota and Evelyn back to my crib in the woods.

I’m not sure if they were too hoppy about it. Evelyn tried to kill me a few times.  No really, she did. I’m just glad that Dakota’s Mom and human brother didn’t seem to mind my doghouse rules.

Thanks for coming by Shari and Aidan! I love you!

And as for you Dakota, well, I owe ya buddy. You’re really cool.

Your sister though….she kinda freaks me out.

Apawcalypse Now! Bring it on.

Wyatt will watch out for those left behind during the Apawcalypse.

I hear the humans will be saved tomorrow, well at least the good ones, while the rest will be left to burn on earth during some sort of apawcalyptic madness.

For those of you destined to enjoy this rapture, congratulations!

Please consider planning for the care of your pets once you’re gone. Apparently pets will be left behind. Then consider giving to Tripawds before you go. You won’t need the cash, Admission is free for chosen ones.

For the rest of you, we got your back! Me and my pack will be in the chat room tomorrow providing updates about the end of days from Tripawds HQ.

Drop by to let us know how it’s going in your hood. Maybe once all those saved souls are gone, we can go raid their treat jars.

Be sure to post in the forums with what you’ll be doing to celebrate this Apawcalypse. And let us know if you’ll be leaving this earth, so we can go let the dawgs out.

Ranger Referees Monkeydog vs. Monkeybutt

Tripawds three legged dogs meet up at a member party in Nevada.

Three legged dogs, unite!

Wherever you are, always remember that somewhere out there you have a comrade who’s watching your back.

No matter where you are, there’s a Tripawd friend you can turn to when the going gets ruff.

The Nevada Pawty

A few weeks ago I got to meet fellow Tripawd Ranger at our Tripawds Pawty in Nevada.

Ranger is a  Tripawd like me, but a little older. He thought I was just a kid because I kept getting in his face.

Hey, isn’t that how you’re supposed to say “I wanna PLAY!”?

Ranger made it very clear that he was in charge. I thought he was cool. See how I let him attack me?

He thought I was obnoxious though. Still, we hung out and didn’t kill eachother.

But wait, there’s more . . .

Rocket Meets His Match

At the pawty, this white fluff ball showed up.

I thought perhaps it was an appetizer.

So I lunged toward it, and barked really loud to see what it was.

But then the fluff ball jumped up! He was  a scruffy little thing. After looking at him, I realized he would not have made the most satisfying meal.

Then the scruffy appetizer let out a very. big. bark.

Whooooah buddy! I just wanna smell you! Chill!” I said to him.

But no luck.

Rocket didn’t want to be my friend, and he took over the couch too. In fact, he looked pretty mad that he was there.

His Mom, who is very sweet and beautiful, thought I was the greatest. She said I was a lot like her Spirit Rugby. I took that as a great compliment.

After a while, Rocket calmed down and even fell asleep. Everyone gave him all sorts of attention. He’s supposed to be famous or something.

He tolerated our racket for the afternoon though, and when it was over, you could tell he was glad to be outta there!

Before we said our goodbyes, Rocket’s Mom made us put on our silly hats, and take this picture to show the world that the Monkeydog versus Monkeybutt Match definitely didn’t lead to bloodshed.

See how we’re all so hoppy?

Everyone was so cool. Thanks for coming to my pawty! Can we do it again sometime?

I promise not to try to eat Rocket!