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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

My Ten-Pawed Pawty

June 14th, 2011 · 5 Comments · My Adventures

I’m finally recovered from the wild and crazy pawty at my crib last weekend. Whew! Who knew that keeping up with a nine year old Tripawd and his girldog bodyguard would be so much work?

Dakota and Evelyn came to see me doing my working dawg impawsonation.

I had to demo my Fit Paws skills at some big event in town.

My fans kept rushing the stage, I had to keep them away.

It got so bad that I had to call in my crew to keep them back!

While Dakota was working hard trying to get people to buy my Mom’s Tripawds jewlery

and Evelyn was looking for something to eat . . .

I got so excited!

Someone yelled “WYATT!” and they weren’t yelling at me! Another Tripawd with MY name showed up!

I dunno though, he wasn’t too cool with my antics. What up dude, how come you aren’t digging my barking?

After that long day in the pawk, we took Dakota and Evelyn back to my crib in the woods.

I’m not sure if they were too hoppy about it. Evelyn tried to kill me a few times.  No really, she did. I’m just glad that Dakota’s Mom and human brother didn’t seem to mind my doghouse rules.

Thanks for coming by Shari and Aidan! I love you!

And as for you Dakota, well, I owe ya buddy. You’re really cool.

Your sister though….she kinda freaks me out.

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  • Dakota Dawg

    Oh Wyatt, we had fun! You are a noisy bugger, but you’re just doing your job. You are the sheriff and you must make sure everything is exactly as you expect it. It’s ok. I get it.

    You know, Evelyn often freaks all of us out. She snores like a train, has a tongue about 3 feet long, runs around like an idiot and gobbles up her food faster than you do! We know–we timed you both. She’s a scary chick.

    We’ll see ya next month, dude!

    Shari and Aidan and Dakota and Monkevelyn

  • chilidawg

    Looks like a pAWESOME pAWTY to me! Wyatt you are one handsome dawg (that’s my owner talking, just an FYI).

    Chili Dawg & Jenna

  • riosmom


    This pawty looks like so much fun.

    I have to tell you a crazy story, though. My mom was working for some peoples who had a pup what looked just like you, ‘cept crazier. When she turned her back on him, he bit her in the hiney!!! I’m sure you would never do that!



  • riosmom

    PS: I LOVE this picture of Evelyn!!!

    Rio’s Momma

  • wyattraydawg

    Rio, NOPAWDY is crazier than MEEEEEEEEEE!


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