Five Years on Three Legs

Three-legged German Shepherd Wyatt celebrates five year ampuversary of life on three legs.

Today is my five year ampuversary! Will you pawty with me?

See Wyatt Run

Some people might think it’s weird to celebrate the day you lost a leg. But not you, Tripawds family. You get it. You know that no matter what some people say, it’s really better to be hoppy on three than not be here at all.

Pawty with Me Please

I’m a long way from where I started in Oaktown, and I’m so glad. Life is good!

Here Comes Dr. Feelgood

Tripawds three legged spokesdawg Wyatt Ray goes for exploratory surgery at Colorado State University.

Hah! None of you got the answer to my contest right. But none of you got it wrong either.  Even those smarty pants Colorado State Vets didn’t know.

They poked and prodded and sliced, and . . . uh oh. Nothing came out. Nothing smelly or icky or runny or anything good like that.

Finally the vets came out and said “So, it could be this, or it could be that, but it doesn’t look like cancer. But we need to ‘go in’ and see.”

Before I knew it, Mom was giving me big hugs and then the nice lady vet walked me down the hall away from Mom and Dad. And that was that. So here I sit in a cold steel kennel, waiting . . . . (I’m sending this to my Mom psychically, you know?).

Tomorrow,  Dr. Feelgood is gonna zonk me out and when I wake up, we’ll know what to call that creature in my leg.

Down the rabbit hole I go.




Hoppy Ampuversary to Meeeeee

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray celebrates his two year ampuversary after losing his leg.

July 3, 2009 I was a drooling idiot.

Hey, wher’d my leg go?

Two years later, I’m a hoppy boy, loving life as a Tripawds Spokesdawg and trying soooo hard to be a good dawg. It’s super easy when I get a CHICKEN DINNER! Hah! I’ll do anything for dat!

I keep hearing “oh he’s come such a long way!” but they don’t get it . . . I was never lost in the first place!

I’m WYATT RAY DAWG, Oaktown Pack homeboy and most pawesomest three legged boy in the world. YEAH! Hoppy Ampuversary to meeeee!


Raining on My Pawty

Three legged German Shepherd dog Wyatt remembers pawtying with his canine amputee pals.

So much for my big Hollywood debut this weekend.  There’s a lot of rain falling from the sky, and all the humans here think it won’t be any fun to pawty in the mud and rain so they cancelled my L.A. pawty!

Wassup with that? Did anyone ask me what I thought? I’ll bet if Bernie Bin Laden was here he would set them straight!

Well whatever. At least we had a good time back in Northern Cali with all my friends.  Good times, man, good times.

The Oaktown Pack

Chloe, Spirit Cherry’s Pal

The NorCal Tripawds Crew

And Ohhhh, my bestest girl (well, after you, Codie Rae), Hurricane Rosie. She drove me crrrrrrrraaaaaazy in that French lingerie!

Guess I’ll just keep dreaming of the day when I can run around with my Tripawd pals again.

There’s nothing like it in the whole world!

My Best Monkey Dawg Impression

Three legged Monkey Dog barks like a chimp and plays with canine friends in Fort Collins Colorado.

Have you heard? Are you in the In-Crowd?

Monkeyface Mattie is.

Monkeybutt is.

And me, Monkey Dawg Wyatt Ray, sure am!

Monkey Dawgs Rule!

Here’s a video of the last days of summer, with me doing my best Monkey Dawg impression.