My Fan Club Awaits

Three legged spokesdog Wyatt Ray gets ready to hit the road on Tripawds West Coast Tour.

It’s so cool that there are people reading my blog. Thank you for stopping by to give me the “Paws Up!”

You guys are getting me all teary-eyed with your fan letters. Thank you, thank you.

I’m just chilling here at home, watching Mom and Dad do things to the dog house on wheels. They keep talking about going somewhere warm and to see friends on the coast.  I think I remember what that is. It involves water, which I HATE, but it’ll be fun seing my Tripawd peeps.

I’ll miss my skewl class though. Mom said I’m going to get homeskeweled when we take off in the big dog house.

The other day there was snow on the ground, but it didn’t even last long enough for Mom and Dad to take a picture of me trying to eat it. Bummer, all I got was mostly dirt in my mouth. I barely got to taste the snow.

It’s supposed to snow here sometime, but just not this week. As soon as it does though, Mom says we’re outta here. I’m looking foward to being a road dawg again.

See you on the West Coast everypawdy! Here I come!

An Agile Afternoon

Three legged amputee German Shepherd Wyatt tries agility course in Colorado.

Tripawd Maggie is my inspawration.

I’ve been watching her videos and thinking, “Hey, if she can do agility, so can I!”

Not that I know anything about it, but I got to mess with some agility stuff at a dog parade a while back and it was kinda fun!

So what if I couldn’t do the narrow balance beam thing, I tore up the rest of the course!

 I might not get any points for poise, but who cares?

All that matters is that Tripawds like us get out there and show the world that we can do just about anything those funny looking quadpawds can do!

Come on Tripawds, are you with me?

Who’s Chewing Who?

Three legged amputee Shepherd Wyatt works hard at the Doggy Olympics in Fort Collins and plays with his Mastiff and Golden Retriever buddies.

Last weeked my pawrents got me up extra early to work at a “Doggie Olympics” in Fort Collins.

It was a place where dogs competed for things like who could catch a hot dog from the farthest distance. My kinda games!

But I wasn’t there to play, I was there to work! Can you believe that?

We had a table there with all sorts of stuff telling everypawdy how pawesome Tripawds are. Mom and Dad were excited because it was the first big dog event that Tripawds was ever “officially” attending.

OK, I know I’m the official Tripawds Spokespup, but sheesh don’t I get Sundays off?

I was kinda cranky and barky at first, having to stand on my buja board to show everyone what Tripawds could do.

There I was, working my tail off (which is hard to do since it’s so long it hits the ground!), from out of nowhere,  my jolly giant buddy Titus showed up.

I flew off that buja contrapion and we wrestled real good! Titus is my most absolute favorite buddy in the world. 

Nobody plays better than he does!

Can you see how big this boy is? That’s his leg wrapped around me? Don’t worry, he’s not hurting me, he’s actually a decent wrestling buddy who doesn’t play mean, ever.

Then, just when we got all tired out, guess who showed up?

My favorite chew toy, Rhys!

Wouldn’t you know it though, Rhys isn’t the little puppy anymore. No, he’s actually pretty darn big, almost as big as me, and he’s catching up to Dillon real quick.

I know Spirit Tripawd Peyton is looking down on that boy, as amazed as we are that he grew so much in just a few weeks.

Next time I see Rhys, he might be even bigger than me. Hah! We’ll see who throws who down next time.

Care to place your bet?

Who Needs a Babysitter?

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray goes to Doggy Day Care in Fort Collins CO.

Ever since I got to Colorado with my new pack, we’ve been inseperable. In fact, there’s probably only been one time when we were apart more than two hours!

Finally, my pawrents gave me some real alone time, but not at home. . . at a doggy day care!

They went to some all-day bike ride thing, and since they don’t have a trailer for me (yet!), I couldn’t come along.

What’s up with that? I thought dogs were welcome everywhere in town? Mom and Dad didn’t want to leave me at home because we live an hour from anywhere, so it was off to the babysitter for me.

I was not pleased. I mean, I am waaaaay too big for that kind of thing.

Before I could go to the sitter, Mom and Dad took me to the vet for a squirt of water up my nose and a checkup. NOT cool.

I thought this babysitting thing was going to suck, but guess what? I had a blast! The sitter was a big place where I got to hang out in a comfy room of my very own (no kennels for big dawgs!), and crash a big dawg pawty too. 

I was there for eight whole hours. Mom says she was nervous and kept wondering if I would try to eat a Shitzhu again or hurt myself.

When my humans finally picked me up that night, I showed them that no amount of time at a pet hotel could wear me out, no way.

 I left the place barking my head off, doing my best Arnold impawsonation, shouting

“I’llllll beeeeeee baaaaaack!”

My Free Range Lifestyle

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray shares his thoughts on learning good behavior.

We’ve been busy up here in the woods, chasing after sqwirells and stix and managing the homestead.

It’s hard work being a free range guard dog. But I’m learning the difference between any old car that drives by, and creepy nigtime critters.

Sometimes I’ll grumble becuase I miss my loud BARK! BARK! BARK! routine so much.

Deep down, I know I’ve still got the CRAZIES in me!

Ahhh, some people say I’m growing up. I say I’m just learning how to deal with these two legged humans and their silly rules about:

I can only bark at some things
I’m not allowed to race to get my food
and . . . would you believe, I’m not allowed to shake human hands with my teeth anymore?

Sheesh. The things I do for these humans.

Some days I long for the times I could do whatever I wanted to.

But then I remember back to how lonely it was being chained up all day, so I figure the trade off for some nice company, great food and good times is pretty fair.

Dontcha think?