Who Needs a Babysitter?

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray goes to Doggy Day Care in Fort Collins CO.

Ever since I got to Colorado with my new pack, we’ve been inseperable. In fact, there’s probably only been one time when we were apart more than two hours!

Finally, my pawrents gave me some real alone time, but not at home. . . at a doggy day care!

They went to some all-day bike ride thing, and since they don’t have a trailer for me (yet!), I couldn’t come along.

What’s up with that? I thought dogs were welcome everywhere in town? Mom and Dad didn’t want to leave me at home because we live an hour from anywhere, so it was off to the babysitter for me.

I was not pleased. I mean, I am waaaaay too big for that kind of thing.

Before I could go to the sitter, Mom and Dad took me to the vet for a squirt of water up my nose and a checkup. NOT cool.

I thought this babysitting thing was going to suck, but guess what? I had a blast! The sitter was a big place where I got to hang out in a comfy room of my very own (no kennels for big dawgs!), and crash a big dawg pawty too. 

I was there for eight whole hours. Mom says she was nervous and kept wondering if I would try to eat a Shitzhu again or hurt myself.

When my humans finally picked me up that night, I showed them that no amount of time at a pet hotel could wear me out, no way.

 I left the place barking my head off, doing my best Arnold impawsonation, shouting

“I’llllll beeeeeee baaaaaack!”