Hey Homer, Eat My Shorts

Tripawd German Shepherd Wyatt gets into trouble when he eats his Dad’s shorts.

I heard Bart Simpson say that to Homer once. Mom says that me and my pops are a lot like Bart and Homer.

So the other day when my peeps left me all alone while they went out with their friends, I had some fun with my Dad’s shorts.

Heee heeee! Maybe I could start a new trend: Daisy Dukes for Dawgs!

Take that Homer, it’s YOUR turn. Eat My Shorts!

Road Dawg Merit Badge. Check.

Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray looks back on his winter RV traveling lifestyle.

When is a dog a Road Dawg? When he gets hauled all over the place for months and months. Like me.

What a winter it’s been. From Virginia to Texas. Then the prickly Arizona desert with mean thorns that stab your paws and make you stop in your tracks.

To the windy and hot sands of Southern California deserts.

There was a time when so much moving around would make my head spin and I’d go bonkers. I like things in order you know? I don’t know why my people like to move their doghouse around so much. They say it keeps things interesting. Humans are so weird. Life is about Order, isn’t it?

I don’t know why we live like we do and I probably never will. But now that I’ve been on the road for 3.5 years, I get that it doesn’t matter where my doghouse is, as long as my pack is safe and secure. No matter where I am, I do my job and I do it well. I don’t let things freak me out like I used to, because after all, that gets in the way of my responsibilities  Now I understand that if I stay in order, everything else does too.

And that’s why Momma sez I’ve earned my Road Dawg Merit Badge. Wooohoo!

Oaktown Pack Rocks da Rockies

Three legged Oaktown Pack German Shepherds visit Tripawds spokesdawg Wyatt Ray in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

Just when I got my groove down at the house that doesn’t move, away we go in the dog house on wheels to somewhere really cool for dawgs (bet you want to know where huh?).

But before we left, nopawdy gave me time to tell you about the how da Oaktown Pack rocked the Rockies!

Codie Ray, Travis Ray, Wyatt Ray, Smokey B

There I am, minding my own bidness one afternoon in July, chasing rodents and moose, hangin’ and chillin’ in the cool cool mountains. When all of a sudden, the Tripawds mobile shows up and there’s my homies from Oaktown! No joke dude, they came all the way from Cali for ME! These are the cool dudes that took care of me after I got my leg cut off.

We got down to some serious prey drive fun. You know, barking and sqwirels and chasing deer and raising hell in the trees. We ROCKED!

Haaaa! Whatup with that wussie Travis Ray? He’s got his eyes closed because he’s afraid of the woods! Hah! 

It was dope! I can’t believe they came all the way to see ME. Even when Smokey B. took off and wouldn’t come back (I tole him he was gonna get it!), the humans didn’t get mad. Maybe it was all that WINE they were drinking! Hah! BUSTED!

Way cool to see my buds. I hope they come back again (Mom says “no way are we going to Oaktown in the dog house on wheels!).

Now, hang on and wait till I’ll tell you about where I am NOW. But you gotta wait. OK, don’t pee the floor, you can hold it, I’ll tell you soon, I swear.

A Salute to My Tripawdfather

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray salutes his Tripawdfather Dad.

Oh dear Dad, thank you for all you do.

For your patience and your understanding,

Your good sense of humor and your ability to keep our pack calm and balanced.

Thank you for showing me that humans aren’t so bad after all

and that life is more than being stuck in a backyard on a chain.

May our  adventures be filled with hoppiness and hope.

and our journeys last for eternity.

I know I don’t show it all the time (I am a Shepherd, after all!)

But I really do love you Dad.

Thank you for all you do for me.

On the Road Again

Three legged Wyatt Ray packs up from Arizona and hits the road on another RV road trip adventure.

Look out world. Here I come, King of the Road.

It’s been fun here in dusty Arizona, hanging with the farm animals and wildebeasts.

I’ve never gotten to play in the dirt this much, ever!

I get to run free and bark and poo wherever I want. A leash? What’s THAT?

I love Arizona, there are no rules here for me!

But it’s time to pack up and hit the road again.

Mom and Dad have put away all of my stuff and we’re leaving town tomorrow. Not sure where we’ll end up but I have a feeling it’s some where paved and full of people.

Mom said something about me needing a bath.

Uh oh. That’s just no fun at all.