My Free Range Lifestyle

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray shares his thoughts on learning good behavior.

We’ve been busy up here in the woods, chasing after sqwirells and stix and managing the homestead.

It’s hard work being a free range guard dog. But I’m learning the difference between any old car that drives by, and creepy nigtime critters.

Sometimes I’ll grumble becuase I miss my loud BARK! BARK! BARK! routine so much.

Deep down, I know I’ve still got the CRAZIES in me!

Ahhh, some people say I’m growing up. I say I’m just learning how to deal with these two legged humans and their silly rules about:

I can only bark at some things
I’m not allowed to race to get my food
and . . . would you believe, I’m not allowed to shake human hands with my teeth anymore?

Sheesh. The things I do for these humans.

Some days I long for the times I could do whatever I wanted to.

But then I remember back to how lonely it was being chained up all day, so I figure the trade off for some nice company, great food and good times is pretty fair.

Dontcha think?

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

8 thoughts on “My Free Range Lifestyle”

  1. Wyattdawg – Can you come to our house and show Kobe a thing or two about not shaking hands with the teeth, not barking at everything that makes noise and not inhaling your food when it’s placed in front of you? Please???
    Your free range lifestyle sounds pretty pawesome. Chasin’ squirrels and stix?? You’re livin the dream. Keep up the good work Wyattdawg!

  2. Oh, Wyatt…I guess it’s time you just gave in to your pawrents…they ain’t so bad…like you said, the alternative to where you were…they ain’t so bad at all…I know, I know..they make you follow rules…just follow them sometimes…makes them think they’re gettin’ somewhere with your training! I’ve got my pawrents fooled too 😉

    Keep on, you handsome dude!


  3. Wyatt

    Those humans do have a lot of rules, don’t they.

    But some rules are made to be broken 🙂

  4. Wyatt, you can come to our house too and teach Catie not to bark at EVERYONE who walks down our street. The barking is distressing enough, but all the sprayed slobber on the window is reaaallly annoying.

    You are indeed a handsome guy!

  5. Carmen & Kami,
    Are you SURE you own Goldens?!?! They sound like my two ‘herding/guardian dogs’!!! LOL!!!! Spit on the window! Geez, I get that here too 😉

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom(and Haley the spit thrower!)

  6. Duuuude! Ya still got that crazy look in yer eyes. Don’t ever lose it buddy. Just play nice most of the time and they’ll let you get those crazies out every now and then.

    Mom sez you are growing up soooooo handsome. Me, I like the grrrrrrl dawgs but I hafta agree, you are one good lookin’ boydawg. The two of us get together and we would slay them grrrrrls.

    ‘Round here we get to bark at about everybody that walks by. Gotta keep the home turf safe in the ‘hood ya know. Thats our #1 job aside from making mom smile! We don’t have mooses but we do have skwirls (dude, ya gotta learn how to spell!) and brrrds.

    Take it EZ Wyatt Ray!

  7. Wyatt….I am so glad to hear that you are still up to the same old stuff!! I think you are there to drive your Mom and Dad crazy!! What do you mean no shaking hands with teeth? My style is just lick ’em…I love licking my humans very vigorously!

    We have the same trouble at our house, my parents expect me to be like the lovely Miss Paris…….no way, I am my own yellow Lab self 🙂 They really got mad when I ate a bag of groceries, including a pound of ham, a banana, peel and all and half a bag of grapes…I was fine, didn’t even throw up!!

    Now I have this problem called happy tail….I have wagged so hard that I hurt my tail…..and now I like to lick on it…..Mom gets upset when I wag and blood goes all over the wall. Whatever!

    Have a good time in the mountains and say hi to your Mom & Dad. My Mom says they are good people.

    Love, Addy (sister of Angel Paris)

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