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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Five Years on Three Legs

July 2nd, 2014 · 12 Comments · My Thoughts

Today is my five year ampuversary! Will you pawty with me?

See Wyatt Run

Some people might think it’s weird to celebrate the day you lost a leg. But not you, Tripawds family. You get it. You know that no matter what some people say, it’s really better to be hoppy on three than not be here at all.

Pawty with Me Please

I’m a long way from where I started in Oaktown, and I’m so glad. Life is good!

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  • murphsmom

    I’ll go to a pawty!! Hoppy ampuversary, Wyatt!


  • hobopals

    Oh, you are wonderful, Wyatt! My Jack and I celebrate with you in spirit. You go, boy!

  • trituck

    Delighted to be invited to the pawty,Wyatt!

    Hoppy 5th ampuversary.

    Linda and Tucker

  • Baileys mom

    happy ampuversary! My Bailey will be celebrating 3 years in November!

  • rica55

    Woweeee!!!! Five years!?!? Way to go Wyatt!!!!!!! We love you!!!!

  • Michelle

    Hoppy Ampuversary Wyatt. We will celebrate with you. We love how you excel in what you are doing. Love these pictures buddy

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • benny55

    HECK YEAH!! We’re pawtying with you too! And we’re having ice cream and cake at our “Wyatt Ray Pawty”!!

    You have some great photos of you from your pawty! WOW! The one,of you running…..the magical background scene framed behind you PERFECTLY!! The way “your photographer” captured the position of your legs….the long shadow trailing behind you…..pretty darn special!!!

    And Wyatt, I don’t think I’ve seen more beautiful amber eyes in any dog EVER! Oh my, you are a good looking fella” Wyatt!
    You are wearing your age very, very well!

    May you have THE best ampuversary you could ever imagine! And I hope your pawty lasts all month!!

    Sending lots of love, bowls of ice cream and ear scratches for your magnificent ears!,

    Oh! I loved reading the link you gave us where you started at the Oaktown Pack. Bad start, but you are now a very, very lucky boy!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Myrtle too! This is the first pawty Myrtle’s been invited to! She’s some kinda’ excited!!

  • Codie Rae

    Yo Wyatt! Why I remember when your stump was nearly buck nekkid! Hard to believe its been 5 years, innit? You were just a skinny little punk and we were so hoppy we found some suckers to take you off our paws. Oops….I meant to say… hoppy to help you find the pawrents you were meant to have 🙂

    Dang I wish we were there hangin’ with you in the wide open ‘stead of in the ‘hood where the 4th of July starts in June and ends in August. From tonight through Saturday we will be having a non-stop Oaktown Pawtay with you in spirit, you can bet your tail! We.Are.Your.Pack!

    Codie Rae, Travis Ray, Austin Ray, and Smokey B.

  • benny55

    Wait! Myrtle Mae just realized this was the first “pawty” she’s been invited to! She got all dressed up just for you Wyatt Ray!

    Shhhhh…..I told her there would be ice cream there! There WILL be ice cream, right? Can’t have a pawty without ice cream!!!

    And Wyatt, you go to the most scenic places on earth! Soak it all in pup!

    OOPS! Just heard a little thunder……then I realized it was just Jerry and pals throwing theirmown wild pawty! UGH! Just felt a drop of rain. No! WAIT! That was Happy Hannah’s ice cream slobber drooling down on me!


    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle Mae!!!


  • benny55



    Hoppy 5th Ampuversary! Way to go! Looking good!

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