Here Comes Dr. Feelgood

Tripawds three legged spokesdawg Wyatt Ray goes for exploratory surgery at Colorado State University.

Hah! None of you got the answer to my contest right. But none of you got it wrong either.  Even those smarty pants Colorado State Vets didn’t know.

They poked and prodded and sliced, and . . . uh oh. Nothing came out. Nothing smelly or icky or runny or anything good like that.

Finally the vets came out and said “So, it could be this, or it could be that, but it doesn’t look like cancer. But we need to ‘go in’ and see.”

Before I knew it, Mom was giving me big hugs and then the nice lady vet walked me down the hall away from Mom and Dad. And that was that. So here I sit in a cold steel kennel, waiting . . . . (I’m sending this to my Mom psychically, you know?).

Tomorrow,  Dr. Feelgood is gonna zonk me out and when I wake up, we’ll know what to call that creature in my leg.

Down the rabbit hole I go.




Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

18 thoughts on “Here Comes Dr. Feelgood”

  1. Wyatt, WOO WOO…and good luck to you! I did something tonight and my pawrents are pretty worried. They don’t know if I strained something when I got up or caught a toe on something, but I was crying pretty good. Three legs and one hurt makes things pretty awkward! My pawrents need some cheer right now, so give them something good to think about and I’ll quit whinin’.


  2. Oh Wyatt!
    We’ll be sending you good thoughts!

    Monkeybutt was even distraught and said you could join his vampire pirate ship crew…..but then he quickly changed his mind!! Sorry.

    Let us know…here’s hoping for a glob of nothing!

  3. P.S. Tell your dad that all of links now on your blog take you to pics and not to where they should be going.
    example: “the answer to my contest right” is going to your pic.

  4. Bummr Dude!
    I was hoping they would give you a ban-aid,pills, creme or something and send you hopping for the door!

    Stay strong Wyatt, Jim and Rene too!

    Said a lil prayer for him, one can never have to many…will be thinking of you guys tomorrow!

  5. Hey Wyatt Riot! Lumps and bumps suck dude! They really freak out our pawrents too! At least they’re gonna give ya happy medicine while they really poke and prod your stump bump! Have a good snoozie and be sure to tell those docs exactly what you think about this experience, oh mouthy one.

    Sending pawsitive thoughts your way for a silly diagnosis like a bumble bee butt, a new toe pad, or a misplaced object. Hey, you didn’t happen to tangle with a wayward cactus, did you?

  6. oooh, we’re sending our best ET juju to you …. hope you are feeling the power of the juju right now!!! you’re in a great place, with great doctors and you have the best pawrents, so stay strong big guy!!!

    charon & gayle

  7. Good luck Wyatt! I’ll be thinking of you today. I was pretty loopy yesterday on whatever they gave me, so maybe they will give you the same stuff, and you will have some good dreams too!

  8. Hope just heard about your visit to the doctor and is sending you hugs and happy thoughts. Your pawrents will see that you get the best medical care. Get well soon!

  9. We sent prayers too. So what is going on? You must have been told something by now…
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  10. ‘snot our fault, oh no its not!

    Hang in there ‘lil buddy, they’ll have you back on your mountain top in no time.

    CR, TR, and Smokey B.

  11. Sending licks and wags and bundles of positive pup energy your way, Wyatt! This explains the pain in my leg this morning – must’ve been empathy pains 😉
    Here’s hoping for a boring, or better yet silly, diagnosis!
    Keep us posted.

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