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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Feelin’ Realllly Good Right Now

July 29th, 2011 · 7 Comments · My Thoughts

It’s good to be home. Did you miss me?

Well, I missed YOU. Mom and Dad told me everypawdy was worried ’cause I was in the hospital for so long. You dudes are the best, thanks for the concern!

But as you can see, I’m doing jussssst dandy right now. Got my Tramadol and my comfy bed, what more can I want?

What The . . . ?

So, you’re wonderin’ what the heck happened? What’s up with the two and a half hour surgery on my stump?

Well, I”ll let Mom and Dad tell you on the “official” Tripawds News Blog. Because I don’t really get it. Something about some foreigner getting into my stump (don’t ask me how they got there) and makin’ everything all icky in there.

No worries dudes and dudettes, I’m all good thanks to my pawesome vet-in-training! Christa Rocks! Colorado State is all that people say it is and more. They were SO nice to me!

Just a few more days with this stupid cone of shame and the hand-grenade on my side, and I’ll be good as new.

Well, maybe when the hair grows back on my stump . . .  and on my weiner! Baaaaahhhh! They shaved my WEINER!

Good night everypawdy. Talk to you soon.


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  • Jackie

    Abby says: “oooo, a shaved wiener. Kinky. That is gunna itch I bet when it grows back! Glad you are back home. Me and my worrywart mom were worried about you.”

  • chilidawg

    Duuude!!! So glad that you’re okay! We can wear our cones of shame together. Shaving your weiner is totally not cool, you should file a complaint with management. We missed you!

  • Codie Rae

    Tell your mom you need a sock over that, wouldn’t want it to get cold!
    Glad you are back home safe and sound. Wish we were all still there to give you an Oaktown welcome home pawty! 😉
    Codie Rae, Travis Ray and Smokey B

  • lyleegirl

    So happy your safe back home after getting the fureigner evicted.
    I had a kinky shave recently – I was told it looked cute, but then I’m a girl and on a boy, well, I’m not gonna say anything except be careful around certain types 😉
    Wags and licks to you for a speedy recovery,
    Lylee Girl

  • FeartheEars

    Hey Wyatt! What’s this about tramadol? Dude?! Have you gone soft? I remember after your amputation when you were hangin’ in East Oaktown; you didn’t need no stinkin’ tramadol!

  • etgayle

    geesh, a shaved wiener….that’s a bummer. glad you’re ok, just hope the hair grows back normal!

    charon & gayle

  • Indiana's mom

    I am beyond relieved that you are ok Wyatt!!! You big handsome tripawd hero you!!!! Send your mommy & daddy big hugs for me & I send you a great big kiss!!
    Lots of love from Indiana’s mom ~ Carol~~

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