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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Name that Icky Spot

July 24th, 2011 · 12 Comments · My Thoughts

Well after a week of wrasslin’ with the Oaktown Pack (more on that later dudes, calm down and I’ll share that with you in my next post). . .

now I got this funky lumpy spot on my stumpy. My Momma wants you to guess what it is because none of us know but it’s making me NUTS!

I’m going to the vet tomorrow to get it poked at. Meanwhile I’m trying to help move things along by chewing off all the hair around it.

So what do YOU think it is?

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  • fightingforsammy

    Wyatt, don’t start! If we have to start worring about you and your wonderfully loud mouthed self I will lose my mind.. You will be fine 🙂 That is probably a cyst, or a hair follical gone amuk.. I am not sure. Now because I have met and petted you, you are in my inner circle. I am going to worry!
    I will let you know about Sammy and Titan tomorrow if you PROMISE to let me know about you. You are too young and vivacious to have any issues. Please let me know!


  • fightingforsammy

    Name of icky spot: Pluto, it isn’t a planet, it is a rock. 🙂

  • tatespeeps

    My, that’s a lotta dogs.

    I vote for a benign cyst named Pluto. Or maybe Fred.

  • cometdog

    Wyatt! What the heck is that? And what did the Oaktown Pack give you?

    I’m gonna guess – it’s a sterile cyst. Why? Because that is the only medical term I know!

    Let us know buddy what’s going on! We’ll be thinking of you!

  • cometdog

    It needs a smiling face drawn on it!

  • etgayle

    we vote for cyst too…bet there’s oily goo inside!!! good luck with the vet – hope you get treats after the visit!!!!

    charon & gayle

  • anjl

    Dang Wyatt!
    You got us a lil worried for ya… but I’m gonna choose to send pawsitive thoughts that it’s just some kind of “lil owie” (that is all the medical terminolgy that I’ve got)! Do keep us posted on what the official dog Dr says!

    PS…. You are all looking good in your photo up there but all I could think was Burglar Beware, that there’s a house a bad guy wouldn’t want to sneak into!!! I dont think I’ve seen a super stellar tripawd squad like that all in one room before!

    Seriously though…Take Care “k”

  • riosmom

    Ewwww! Come on, Wyatt, you can’t get any of those awful things that the rest of us tripawds have. You are young and healthy, and not supposed to be plagued with the nasty stuff…

    I’m voting for inflamed scar tissue, or perhaps its an allergic reaction to to much California. You been spending too much time with those Cali friends of yours and it’s bound to rub off a bit, right.

    Good luck at the vets. Paws crossed for you, Wy…

    Rio’s posse

  • chilidawg

    First of all Wyatt, LOVE the pic of you and your pack, I don’t think anyone will mess with you guys! Chili Dawg and I are going to jump on the cyst bandwagon, because that’s the only term we know too. My 4 year old calls it a an ouchie-booboo though, so I may go with that as well. Good luck at the vet!

    Jenna and Chili Dawg

  • fortisdad

    First let me say that I hope everything is okay with the nub and that today’s vet visit was a positive one.

    As far as that icky bump goes, I suspect you caught it back in March from Gregory the Peccary! Gregory looks an awful lot like a warthog and that thing you have looks a lot like a wart. So my vote is a contagious “Peccary Wart”.

    Does it have a stench to it 🙂


  • jjdawg

    Hey Wyatt Ray Dawg, if it’s on your stumpy, how bout a boney tumor?

  • indiana

    3 months after Indy had his stitches out, he had an infection in the scar, not once..but twice..turns out there was a stitch that was neglected inside & the doc pulled out one that was 6 inches!. The 2nd time, 1 momnth later, he just chocked it up to the same thing although there wasn’t one to pull out! Was a little scarey… 2 doses of antibiotics and high power dose the 2nd time made it better! Not saying that’s what happend to Wyatt but you never know! I sure hope it is nothing serious & a little meds and lots of love will make it better….Big hugs to you Wyatt and mom & dad xoxo

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