Wyatt Houdini Ray Strikes Again

Three legged German Shepherd magic dog Wyatt shows how to make crate covers disappear.

The life of a magician is never an easy one. You’re always lookin’ for a way to top the last magic trick, keep that audience impressed, you know?

Well, I think I gave my pawrents the surprise of their life the other night!

They locked me up in my crate because they went to hang out with friends who had some dogs that were talkin’ trash about me (Ok, maybe I started it, but still….).

So there they go, thinking that the crate locks and four zip ties could keep me from my magic trick show. HA! I fooled them.

The Great Crate Escape


On top of my crate, you will see a cover.

Mom sewed it herself.  It’s supposed to make me feel safe and calm. That’s what those dumb humans think anyways. She puts the front of the cover down whenever they leave me all alone.

Now, look carefully at the next picture.


Wyatt Houdini Ray has made the crate cover disappear!

And everything that was sitting on top of my crate too!

(Ok, I”ll let you in on a little secret. The cover, and the shopping bags, are inside my crate.)

Silly humans, they still have no clue as to how I managed to pull all of this inside, without opening the crate or bending the bars (of which I am totally capable of doing but was just too lazy to try that night).

Sheesh, when will they learn that I, Wyatt Houdini Ray Dawg, am smarter than they are? And I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself while they are away.

Do I entertain you?

Pawtying Down on the Pacific Coast

Three legged German Shepherd spokesdawg Wyatt Ray travels down the Pacific Coast to meet other canine amputees and friends.

Hey all you Wyatt Ray Dawg posse! I’m so dang behind in letting you know where I’ve been and what I’ve done. I’m sure you’ve all just been waiting to find out what I’ve been up to, haven’t you?

There’s so much to tell, here are some of the good times I had between Washington and California. Stay tuned for Pawt 2…the Tripawds Pawty in Northern Cali!

Pawty in Puyallup

The Tripawds pawty in Puyallup Washington was a BLAST! Although Lincoln’s peeps were cool, Lincoln didn’t care for my barkin.

Sammy was a cool pup. He’s a talker like me, only I think he was mostly telling me to shut up.

I talk too much for him I guess.

Whatever dude!

Sammy and Lincoln got along good. I think because they’ve met at other Puyallup pawties before.

Can’t please everyone I guess.

But when Julian (Dr. Pam’s dawg) got there, that’s when things got really rowdy! I wish all dawgs were like Julian, he’s my kinda friend.

This really nice girl named Laura brought what she said was her dog-in-a-box, aka, the World’s Only Invisible Tripawd, Captain Jack. I don’t get how she fit a dog in a box or why he wouldn’t come out to play, but that’s alright. I was busy barkin and rollin around with Julian.

Then, as many of you know, I met James the Poodle! He’s a cool old guy, I behaved myself around him, because well, I really just didn’t want to get too close. I knew there was a lion in that little Poodle body just waitin’ to swat at me if I got wild around him!

The No Fence Good Dawg Park in Portland

After Puyallup (had to have Mom spell that for me, that’s a tuff one), we went to Portland where I got to meet Indi! She is the world famous three legged Saint Bernard, and she was alright.

She let me bark in her face and didn’t mind one bit. We played a little but not too much becuase Indi took us to a dog park that didn’t have a fence, and Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me run around.

A dog park without a fence? Huh?

Mom says that it was “The Good Dog Park” and that since I’m still learnin’ how to be a good dawg, I couldn’t contain myself enough without a fence. It was leash play for me only.

But that’s OK, cuz then we went to have beers at the Lucky Lab Brewery in Portland. Mom, Dad and Indi’s Mom Raina, and Indi of course, all sat outside in the freezin’ cold just so we could all pawty together! Is that puppy love or what?

Following the Legend of Jerry

I really liked driving to the ocean, since I don’t get to see it too much. I think I’ve only seen it once before. There’s water there, which I don’t like at all, but I dig the sand and running with kelp in my mouth! Something about that fresh air just makes me go wild!

We drove to Eureka, where the world famous Spirit Jerry G. Dawg was born and lived with Mom and Dad for a long time. That was cool seeing where he got to pawty and hang out, like in the big trees. Man, I never see trees like that!

Even though I sometimes hate how all I hear is what a great dawg he was, I know I wouldn’t be part of Tripawds if it wasn’t for him. Thanks Jerry.

So anyhow, we go to see Jerry’s friends, like Diane here, who runs the doggie daycare where Jerry used to go all the time. Jerry really liked daycare, they say. Not me. I hate being confined, I want to roam and run free!

After Eureka, we went down south to see the NorCal Tripawds crew. Stay tuned, I’ll tell you about that in a sec. It’s intermission, go grab yourself a brewski and come on back for more good times!

My Free Range Lifestyle

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray shares his thoughts on learning good behavior.

We’ve been busy up here in the woods, chasing after sqwirells and stix and managing the homestead.

It’s hard work being a free range guard dog. But I’m learning the difference between any old car that drives by, and creepy nigtime critters.

Sometimes I’ll grumble becuase I miss my loud BARK! BARK! BARK! routine so much.

Deep down, I know I’ve still got the CRAZIES in me!

Ahhh, some people say I’m growing up. I say I’m just learning how to deal with these two legged humans and their silly rules about:

I can only bark at some things
I’m not allowed to race to get my food
and . . . would you believe, I’m not allowed to shake human hands with my teeth anymore?

Sheesh. The things I do for these humans.

Some days I long for the times I could do whatever I wanted to.

But then I remember back to how lonely it was being chained up all day, so I figure the trade off for some nice company, great food and good times is pretty fair.

Dontcha think?

Hot Dawg No More

Three legged tripod Wyatt stays cool in the Texas heat.

There’s this thing called “beer” that my pawrents seem to like. They like it so much, they went to a big factory to see how this stuff called “Shiner Bok” is made.

Of course, the beer people didn’t want ME in their factory. Can you believe that?

I guess the Shiner people haven’t heard that the Texas Rangers thought I was cool enough to go into the Alamo.

Since then, it’s gotten real hot in Texas, so there’s no more leaving me in the truck. Now I go everywhere with my humans and they have rearranged their lives just for ME.

I can’t wait to get back to Cooooolorado. I like Texas but I really hate the heat. Whenever it’s sunny, I always look for shade. I won’t walk another step if it’s too hot for me. This black fur of mine is really warm, you know.

And by the way, if you see any dog locked up in cars this summer, be sure to ticket the ignorant humans with one of thise My Dog is Cool flyers.

Yo soy el lobo de Los Angeles

Three legged German Shepherd puppy Wyatt wonders why people are afraid of him.

All the people in my Mom’s family here in Los Angeles are afraid of me. I have no idea why.

They think I’m this crazy beast or something. Ok, so I like to say hello by wrapping my mouth around their wrists and nibbling on their fingers. And perhaps my ear-splitting “hellos” leave them shaking in their shoes.

Maybe that’s why Grandpa keeps calling me Lobo!

So hey, why not act like one? A wolf, that is.


But see, I have a soft side too! I can be a real ladies’ man, you know!