Wyatt Houdini Ray Strikes Again

Three legged German Shepherd magic dog Wyatt shows how to make crate covers disappear.

The life of a magician is never an easy one. You’re always lookin’ for a way to top the last magic trick, keep that audience impressed, you know?

Well, I think I gave my pawrents the surprise of their life the other night!

They locked me up in my crate because they went to hang out with friends who had some dogs that were talkin’ trash about me (Ok, maybe I started it, but still….).

So there they go, thinking that the crate locks and four zip ties could keep me from my magic trick show. HA! I fooled them.

The Great Crate Escape


On top of my crate, you will see a cover.

Mom sewed it herself.  It’s supposed to make me feel safe and calm. That’s what those dumb humans think anyways. She puts the front of the cover down whenever they leave me all alone.

Now, look carefully at the next picture.


Wyatt Houdini Ray has made the crate cover disappear!

And everything that was sitting on top of my crate too!

(Ok, I”ll let you in on a little secret. The cover, and the shopping bags, are inside my crate.)

Silly humans, they still have no clue as to how I managed to pull all of this inside, without opening the crate or bending the bars (of which I am totally capable of doing but was just too lazy to try that night).

Sheesh, when will they learn that I, Wyatt Houdini Ray Dawg, am smarter than they are? And I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself while they are away.

Do I entertain you?

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of Tripawds.com.

11 thoughts on “Wyatt Houdini Ray Strikes Again”

  1. Amazing! Stupendous! Wondrous! David Copperfield ain’t got nothin’ on you, Wyatt Ray! Even more importantly, how did you escape from that python that looks ready to strangle you??? A true master of illusion, indeed.

  2. HA! you think that is a big somtin? I made the whole side of my crate…the metal side….DISAPPEAR….I put it inside the crate and didn’t tell mamma!!! she looked and looked and found it inside and SHE COULDN’T EVER FIGURE OUT HOW…and I was only maybe five months old…..a baybeeeeee…so top that Wyatt the Teeth!!

    Whiskey the angel (choke)

  3. Ahh grasshopper. You learned well during your time here. East Oaktown has served you well.

  4. OK- you can get the stuff from outside to the inside without bending the bars. Now you have to work on getting yourself outside without leaving a trace!!! That will freak out those silly humans.


  5. I’m with Karen – we ALL know this stunt is coming. Can’t wait to read that update!

  6. You sure do entertain me, Wyatt. What a cool trick.

    Spirit Opie’s and Earthly Mattie’s Mom

  7. Oh my..Wyatt Houdini Ray !!

    I am so proud of you for continuing to prove to your pawrents that a family only gets one Jerry in a lifetime.

    I applaud your energy and ingenuity, keep em guessing my friend!!
    What’s next????
    Mom to Spirit JD and the quadpaws Serena and Maya

  8. Hey Wyatt,
    I’m pretty sure I could do that trick! The next time I’m in my crate…oh wait, I don’t have a crate. Why don’t I have a crate? Oh yeah, it’s because I’m a GOOD dog! Sorry dude, couldn’t help it. After puttin’ up with your mouth I think I deserve a little payback. I never got praised for growling before, your pawrents are pretty cool!
    P.S. I hope you like the toy

  9. Yah, I can’t believe you got praised for growling, that’s a new one.

    Dude, you’re pretty cool for a growed up. I do like the toy a lot. In fact I like it so much I swung it in my Mom’s face when she was on the floor stretching! She didn’t think it was too cool.

    Next time, we’ll run all over your yard and I get to meet Athena, got it? Thanks for coming to see us!

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