Sixteen Legged Riot

Four three-legged German Shepherds and one mix named Smokey B gather for a pawty in Colorado mountains.

Some people said hell would freeze over before an epic event like this would happen again. Well hah! It DID! And hell still froze over!

A Snowy Day in Tripawd Land

The Oaktown Pack came to see me in Colorado and it went something like this:

Oaktown Pack Greetings

Then we had some more fun in the snow. Hell was freezing over but no matter…

Snow Tripawds

And the fun went on! Me and my people are still recovering so they gotta get the live action photos on the ‘puter. Stay tuned!

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

3 thoughts on “Sixteen Legged Riot”

  1. Woohooo WRD! The OP thanks you soooo much for your pawspitality. We had such a grrrrrreat time. I furgot how fun it is to keep yer tail in line! Our maw is still recovering too but she will let us post some pictures soooooon 🙂

    Miss ya bud,

  2. How fun… Wish I could have seen it all in action 🙂 Lets see the all the pictures 🙂


    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. Better .ake the stakes a little higher next time….maybe try “when pigs fly”!

    Very, very pretty photo of the two sitting so perfectly with the backdrop of snowy covered fauna and lightly dusted mountains. Just beautiful.

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