Hey Alaska! Here I Am!

Postcards from Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray. See how a Tripawd German Shepherd stays cool and has fun in the North Country of Alaska!

Up up and away we went and finally, we made it to Alaska!

Tripawd in Alaska
Alaska, here I am!

Technically, the bottom photo is where we made it to Alaska. That was after our dog house on wheels stopped moving on the highway. My people can tell you more.

Tripawd in Alaska
I love how the sun is out but it’s not hot.

Anyone who lives up here is sooo lucky! I love this place. The sky is sunny but the air is cool, I don’t lay around panting all day. I just lay around. And enjoy the scenery of course.

Tripawd in Alaska
Hmm, what should I do today in Alaska?

It stays light all day long here, and all night too. Sometimes I get bored waiting around for my people to quit working.

Tripawd in Alaska
Oh I know, I’ll take a nap.

So I snooze, and I watch for wildlife. Yeah that’s right, the grizzly family came over to say hey! I let them know everything was cool here so they left.

Tripawd in Alaska
Hey mama bear, all’s good here, move along OK?

When my people aren’t working I get to have real fun! I swim in rivers that are prettier than anywhere I’ve ever been.

Tripawd in Alaska
Wheee! Race you to the other side!

One of these days I will tell you about my skydiving stunt. I jumped down to a river one day. My parents were pretty upset at me, I forgot to tell them I wanted to see if I could fly. I’m OK now, but it looks like no more off-leash walking for a while.

Tripawd in Alaska
Looks like a good day to go sky diving!

I hope you are all having a real good time whatever you are doing or wherever your summer is taking you.

Tripawd in Alaska
A leash? Really?

Until next time, have fun and stay cool Tripawds friends!


Gregory the Peccary, Arch Enemy Number One

Three legged Shepherd Wyatt guards his Arizona desert property against Gregory the Peccary.

“What I Did on My Winter Vacation”
by Wyatt Ray Dawg.

When we got here to the dirty, dusty desert, I heard these crazy noises coming from the bushes.

Then I heard snorting, and oinking and digging. So I dug around, trying to find out what it was.

Suddenly, a Dog Awful stench came from the bushes. Dude, it smelled worse than a Monkeybutt, it was so bad.

So I ran over to check it out.

Zoink! Boink! WOWWWEEEEE!  What the heck is this thing? Is it a dog? Is it a pig? Is it a pig dog?

Nooooo. It’s a Peccary! What the…..?

The Peccary

“Collaried peccaries are sometimes called “musk hogs” because of a strong odor emitted from musk glands near the rump and eyes. They are also called “javelinas,” the Spanish word for javelin, because of their short, straight tusks, which they use for defense.”

Don’t kid yourself, these things are NOT cute! They smell! Oh DOG do they smell! And they dig! They snoop around and say bad things about me every day before I eat dinner!

This pig thing introduced himself and says his name is Greggery. He wants to be friends, but I know he has other plans. All he wants is to dig under the fence and come inside my doghouse on wheels to eat everything in sight!

So I’m spending my days, guarding my doghouse and the property, looking out for the roving pack of stinky pigs, and Greggery the Peccary, Arch Enemy #1.