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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

My Story

I am a genuine German Shepherd Dog from Oakland,CA. I became a tripawd on July 2, 2009. Why? Because the mean people who I belonged to never paid any attention to me, and they left a rope tied around my leg for a long time. When they took me to the vet, they found out my leg  couldn’t be saved. The vet said my leg had to go, and those people said they didn’t want a three-legged shepherd. The told the vet to euthanize me!

A very kind vet tech said no way, and she took me home with her. That’s when she called German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California for help.

My friend Codie Rae, the most awesome Shepherd girldog EVER, has a cool mom named Martha and a dad named Ralph. When Martha and Ralhp saw that I just want a family to love and one that loves me back, they jumped on board helped to get me healthy and available for adoption.

How I Got My Name

My original name was Chopper, but my first foster mom thought that was a horribly unfortunate name for an amputee so she renamed him Wyatt. Only problem was that there was already a Wyatt in the GSRNC program. So, after much deliberation, Codie Rae’s Mom added ‘Ray’ to Wyatt’s name in honor of Codie Rae, tripawd GSD girldog extraordinaire (and former GSRNC rescue dog). And then she added ‘Dawg’ to Wyatt’s name in memory of the late, great, Jerry G. Dawg, who we know is watching over all tripawd pups.

As you can see, life on three legs ain’t nothing to me, I get along great! I’m a young boy with so much energy to burn, and nothing can stop me!

So come along and follow my incredible journey as I begin my new life as a Tripawd.

Wyatt is a 6 month old german shepherd dog from Oakland,CA. He just became a tripawd on July 2. Wyatt apparently had a rope wrapped around his right hind leg for some unknown period of time—the leg could not be saved. His owners said they did not want a three-legged shepherd and told the vet to euthanize Wyatt. A very kind vet tech said no way, took Wyatt home with her, and called German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California for help. The short story is that GSRNC paid for Wyatt’s amputation and we are bringing Wyatt Ray into our program. He is healing rapidly (his staples come out next week) and has adapted to life on three legs so quickly that he will be available for adoption very soon.


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