Home Cooking is Good for My Belly

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt eats home cooked dog food from the Whole Pet Diet book.

Spots Stew Home Cooked Dog FoodSince I came to live with Mom and Dad, they’ve been feeding me a combination of home cooked dinners, and premium kibble for breakfast. I love any kind of food, I really don’t care what I eat, it’s all good to me.

But Mom and Dad are now saying I’m going to eat nothing but home cooked  and raw foods from now on. Mom read this book, The Whole Pet Diet, that has all kinds of cool recipes in it, and the dirt about what’s really in dog food. My cousins also eat nothing but home cooked food based on the recipes in this book, and they love it.

Wyatt Eats Spot's StewSo here’s a photo of some turkey stew that Mom made for me. She cooks big batches about once a week, just for me!

And here’s a picture of me eating it. Dad laughed his head off when Mom put it down, he thought I wouldn’t want to eat anything that looked that disgusting.

But here I am, licking the bowl clean. I’m pretty spoiled aren’t I?

WyattFinishesDinnerThis is good stuff. I know it is, because I have the softest, shiniest fur now, and no more itchy skin or bad breath.

Look out ladies, here I come!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

German Shepherd puppy Wyatt eats raw chicken and loves the BARF diet for dogs.

When I came to live with Mom and Dad, I was on some pretty good dog food. It tasted just fine, I didn’t complain. But Mom complained. She said I had bad breath, and my teeth were getting pretty icky, which just doesn’t seem right for a puppy with brand new choppers.

But lucky for me, my Mom is a firm believer in home cooking and the Barf Diet For Dogs.

Wow, I had no idea that food could taste this good! There’s nothing like a hearty chomp! chomp! chomp! on a chicken leg. I can devour them in seconds, as you can see. I’ve also eaten a lot of liver, beef, and turkey. Mom says she has some fish for me too, but she’s waiting until she knows I can handle it.

She also makes me eat my veggies. Parsley, carrots, whatever’s in the fridge. She chops it up really fine, and mixes it into my main dinner (which is still kibble, but seems like I’m getting less of that these days). Or, she’s also learning to cook for me too, with this book she just got, The Whole Pet Diet.

I really don’t mind the green stuff. I’ll gladly eat it as long as I can have my chicken dinner!


Three legged amputee dog Wyatt loves to eat BARF.

Wyatt Eats BARFThis week I got my first tastes of something called the BARF diet.

I know what you’re thinking. Pretty sick. Next thing you know, I’m going to tell you how I like to eat moose poo too (yum!). But check this out:

My Mom gave me raw chicken to snack on this week, and then yesterday I got this big huge cow bone. Man, that thing rocks! I’ve been working on it for two days now, and I think I finally picked it clean.

I’m still getting my kibble and some homemade chicken stew mixed in, but Mom says she wants to start feeding me nothing but human foods.

You won’t hear any complaints from me. Yum!