I Met a Three Legged Donkey

My pal Max’s Mom was talking about prosthetics for animals the other day in the Tripawds news blog. That story reminded me about someting that happened to me recently . . .

When I went to see the good people at Colorado State University’s Vet teaching hospital back in October, I cruised around the campus and stumbled into a three legged donkey!

Ok, well, kinda. It was actually a statue of Primrose, a famous three legged donkey that the docs at CSU saved back in 1998. Here’s the story on a plaque next to the statue of her.

“When a few months old, Primrose’s hind leg was mauled by dogs. The leg was amputated and a prostheses developed to enable her to live a full life in the mountains of Colorado.”

Sculpture by Dawn Weimer outside the Large Animal medical Center at Colorado State University, Fort Collins.

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One thought on “I Met a Three Legged Donkey”

  1. That baby donkey went through alot and I’m glad her owner decided to do all he could to help her. He sounds like he’s a great guy.

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