Toys Taste Greeeeeat!

Three legged tripawd Shepherd Wyatt Ray plays with many toys after his adoption and amputation.

When I got picked to be part of Mom and Dad’s pack, I never had my own toys before. I spent my life at the end of a rope, and the only fun I hever had was playing in the dirt, or barking at people.

But since I came to live with my pack though, they keep bringing me all kinds of cool stuff to play with. Like this big fluffy snake. And some guy named Bart. I heard the humans call them toys.

Whatever they are, they sure taste good. Especially the white suff that’s always inside them.


Oh, by the way, can you see that white strip across my nose? That’s from that stupid Gentle Leader that Mom and Dad keep making me wear whenever I walk. That darn thing is making me lose my hair on my snout! I keep trying to tell them I don’t need it. So they take it off me, and the we go on a walk and I guess they don’t like the way I walk without it, becuase right back on it goes.

Maybe some day I won’t have to wear it anymore. I’d sure like my nose hair to grow back!

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

16 thoughts on “Toys Taste Greeeeeat!”

  1. Wyatt! That’s not a Gentle Leader, that’s a Hair Removal Leader!
    Do they make them for my mommy’s hairy winter legs? They are rather scary since I sit under her desk I can see them up close! YOWSA!

    Mom and dad probably don’t know you are in training for the AMBF and that’s why you have to go faster than them. Tell them to jog – Problem solved!

  2. Gerry says –

    Yeah, my mom keeps asking me where I’m in such a hurry to get to, when we go for a walk. I’m like, duh, I won’t know til we get there – hurry up! I like when she takes me out with the retractable leash early in the morning or late at night. Except sometimes, when we still aren’t moving fast enough, I pull too hard and the handle comes flying at me and I have to run back to Mom to save me! You’d think that would be enough motivation for me to pull less, but nah. What’s life without a little danger?

    Aaaaaand toys are pawesome! I just got a new dog housemate. He and his mom moved in with us because we have extra space in our house. He has a zillion toys! I spread them out all over the floor in order to decide which to play with next. They also all taste really good. He’s a good sharer, except neither of us like to share the humans very much, so if one of us is getting more attention than the other, we have to play-wrestle to decide who gets the humans! That hasn’t really worked out though. Humans have a mind of their own.

  3. Bwaahahahahahahah. I never, ever heard anyone wish for MORE nose hair before.
    signed, AMBF Member Rufous Opus the drummer.

  4. Dawg….toys rock! Especially when I can get mom to fetch them while I watch…like the time we played stick at the ocean! I would drop it right at the edge of the water and she would fetch it! what a blast!

  5. Dearest Wyatt,
    My Mom used to use a gentle leader type head halter on my little sister, Haley. She can’t remember the company name but the nose piece was lined with a bit of soft fleece …and strap that went behind the ears too was lined with it.
    If she finds it, she’ll let you know the name of the company!

    Keep destuffing them toys…that’s my favorite thing to do with them too!! 🙂


  6. Hey, Wyatt! I love toys, too! I like to have them all over. I sometimes have to be patient when my dad thinks they belong in the toy box and picks them all up and puts them there. Then I need to take them all out again and put them where they really belong – he just never learns!

    My mom used to use a gentle leader on me and I hated it! But then she bought a harness from gentle leader that I like much better – maybe your mom can look for one of those for you. I wear it around my chest instead of on my nose, and my mom says it has the same effect – I don’t pull when I’m wearing it. The leash hooks in the front, not on my back like other harnesses.

    I wish we could walk together – I have the same mind set that you do – I’m not sure where I want to go, I just want to hurry up and get there!
    Holly Jolly By Golly

  7. Catie and Riley think the white stuffing is the whole purpose of toys. It was part of a game in our house for quite a while: on a whim I buy two stuffed toys and bring them home; Catie and Riley destroy them in lightning speed, and look at me in surprised dismay when I gather up the white fluffy remnants and shove them in the garbage can. Not sure what was worse: their aggrieved expressions or my husband’s I-told-you-they-would-just-chew-them-up.

    Tried the gentle leaders. Didn’t last very long. Couldn’t get Catie and Riley out the door for a walk with them. Didn’t know they could be used as a hair removal product.

  8. Gentle leaders suck! I had to start wearing one of those when I was just a pup. Something about Mom wanted to keep her arm in the socket! I was just trying to give her a good workout without paying for a gym membership! I still wear one so don’t feel bad Wyatt!!


  9. Wyatt Ray Dawg–You are a challenge to your pawrents, aren’t ya?–just like me! My mom says I need obedience training but she doesn’t want to sign up for classes because she doesn’t want to be “publicly humiliated” whatever that means. Sometimes I can walk very nicely on a leash and the next minute I’m trying to drag her into the path of a truck. People ask her if she works out cuz of her muscular arms, but heh, heh–she has me to thank for that. She also mutters something about my not being “Dakota”–like yeah! I’m Gunner!

  10. Ok everyone, so it seems like maybe if we ALL like to get places in a hurry and if we ALL hate the Gentle Leader thing and fight it, then wouldn’t you think that it’s the HUMANS who have something wrong with THEM?


    Hey Holly, my pawrents tried that harness on me but it doesn’t fit me right. Plus, it doesn’t keep my mouth closed when I try to snack on people’s hands, so it was a no go.

  11. Yes, Carmen, don’t you know; toys must be de-stuffed, at every opportunity. They must be stopped.

    Meanwhile my pawrents only buy me yard sale toys now. That’s OK though, Mom digs yard sailing; she uses ME as an excuse to drag Dad to them!

  12. Yard sailing….does that mean dragging your pawrents behind you really really fast so that they are almost flying across the yard like a sail? Cause I’m realllly good at that when I don’t have that stupid prong collar on…

    Glad mom hasn’t made me wear one of those nose hair removers yet. Don’t tell her about how it keeps you from snacking on people’s hands though, or I’ll get my nose hairs yanked right off my handsome face!

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