Bad Santa! Good Dawg.

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray parties in Los Angeles with Bad Santa and Granny Kay’s blanket.

Last night was so confusing. A freaky fat guy in a red suit crashed a big pawty I had to go to. Everyone was louder than me and laughing and eating, when Santa knocks at the door. He makes himself at home, pulls up a chair and then my pawrents insist on putting me next to him to take a picture. 

Santa said “Hey Dawg, come on, who’s you’re buddy? Come on, come here big guy!” 

I didn’t know who he was, right, so I say “Hey fat guy, leave me alone!”

Snap! Goes Mom’s camera.

Then Santa got up and left. Everypawdy laughed so hard when he stumbled outside!

Turns out the fat guy is OK after all. When I woke up this morning, he left boxes with paper for me! Wooo hoooo!!!

He said…

To my buddy, Wyatt Ray Dawg….

Your partner in Crime, Bad Santa...”

I guess I did somethin’ right this year, because there was lots of stuff for me….bones, toys, treats, and a very nice blanket from Granny Kay!!!!!

Thank you Granny Kay, now I’ll stay warm and toasty, and look fashionable too!

I’m a pretty lucky dawggy. I hope that all of the shelter dogs in the world can find their furever homes too someday, because all of us deserve a hoppy Chirstmas!

Merry Merry Hoppy Hoppy Howlidays Everypawdy!!!!

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

6 thoughts on “Bad Santa! Good Dawg.”

  1. Ahwwwaw!
    Wyatt you are so lucky, so loved, and so thoughtful.
    Your Granny Kay blanket really rocks.

    Sulli Boy

  2. Merry Christmas to you Wyatt Ray!! (and to your pawrents too)

    You HAVE been a good boy this year, and I enjoyed meeting you here in Washington State, at the Auburn Cancer Walk. Your rambunctious energy (though irritating to your folks) was such a nice reminder to me of the German Sheperds in my past.

    You like your brother befiore you, are enjoying life and showing the world all that a Tri-Pawd can do.

    A big thank you to your whole pack- enjoy all of your treats and ask your mom and dad to give you a couple of ear scratches from me.

    Spirit JD+Serena+Maya’s mom

  3. I love Christmas, don’t you Wyatt!?

    It’s spooky the first year but after that – it is super fun!
    I’ve never had to endure the fat guy in a red suit so that’s maybe why I like Christmas so much!

    Your party looked swell! You made a haul this year!

    I’m glad you like the Granny Kay quilt! I tested it out for you! I am the inspector general of Granny Kay quilts! I knew it had to be just right for my special guy! Plus, I wanted you to have my special Comet smell on it! My left over fur is my inspection sticker!

    Merry Christmas Wyatt!

  4. wyatt, you are a blessed pup!!! we’re so glad you had a wonderful holiday – and the quilt, it just says ‘wyatt’!! happy new year!

    gayle & charon

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