Three Years Kickin’ and a Flying Dutchman Too

Three legged tripod spokesdog German Shepherd Wyatt Ray celebrates his birthday.

You know three is the magic number, right? Well guess what? Three is MY number today! Woo hoo! It’s my birfday!

It’s been a long haul from the nasty Oaktown ‘hood where I was born, to where I am today, but now that the bad stuff is behind me it’s been nothin’ but good times since I found my pack.

Not that my big day was a wild pawty or anything, because you know how it goes when your birthday falls right after the holidays. But even though we were all pawtied out from our time with Santa Paws, Mom and Dad made it special, and went out to get me a Flying Dutchman from In ‘N Out’s Secret Menu!

Hey Abby girlfriend, they’re just as good as you always say they are. Yum! Nothin’ better than two burgers and some cheese. I gobbled it up in two second flat.

And that was my big day. I know this year’s gonna be great, because you can’t go wrong with the number three!


Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

9 thoughts on “Three Years Kickin’ and a Flying Dutchman Too”

  1. Hoppy birfday Wyatt Riot! Riley Pup drooled a little when he saw the picture of your birfday dinner!

  2. oooh, birthday boy!!! we’ve declared it to be ‘wyatt week’ here in ET!!!!! partying for you till the ‘cows come home’!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3. Whoohoo! Happy Third Birthday!!

    I’ll give you a birthday kiss when I meet you next week… 😉

    I told you all those Flying Dutchmen are the best. thing. evar. (Mama says I should get a cut from In N Out cuz I’m always telling everyone to go get Flying Dutchmen.)


  4. Happy Birthday!!! Ajax wants to know what a Flying Dutchman is – his mom says it is very yummy and unfortunately In ‘n Out has not made it to NYC …

  5. You are one lucky dog, Wyatt!!! Both because you have such a great pack, and also because you get to have a Flying Dutchman. We wanna come to Cali just for the burgers!!!

    Hoppy Birfday,

    Rio, Tosca and Zephyr

  6. Yo Wyatt! Whatchoo dissin’ Oaktown fur? Some of us still got to live here! And watch who you are calling grrrrlfriend Mister.

    Just kidding! Happy Hippy Hoppy Birthday to YOU, my best bud!! You an me dude, we the terrible threes! Love that photo of you and the dutchman–you got your eye on the PRIZE!

    Travis Ray and the Oaktown Pack +1

  7. Hoppy Belated birthday wyatt! You can still count your years with the number of legs you have! Going to be tough next year when you turn 4 though!

    -Nicole and Chloe

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