Big Bad Wolf No More?

Three legged German Shepherd learns to get along with little white dogs.

You know, I’ve got this thing about smaller dogs, especially white ones.

Those little pups, they remind me of rabbits (mmmmmm). And sometimes, I just don’t know what comes over me, but I can’t help myself . . .

I try to eat them.

But I dunno, something’s different now. Mom sez it’s ’cause I’m older. Whatev. I just don’t think that going after a snack dog is a good idea. It just gets my pawrents all riled up. They get really upset when that happens.

So the other day, when this smaller dogs shows up to my crib, I thought I’d be good for Mom and Dad, so I tried to be his friend.

Well, it helped that this guy, Falcon, snarled and barked real loud and told me what’s what as soon as he met me.

When he did that, I thought, hey, that little dude is pretty kewl.

Turns out Falcon is a Puerto Rico rescue dawg, and he had a hard life on the streets for a long time. He’s even got himself a prong collar! Can you see it? A little dawg with a PRONG? What a badass!

So now, Falcon and I are buds. But he’s moving to Washington, he was just visiting Jerry’s Acres. But I hope I get to see him again. We got along real nice. Even treed a sqwirl together!

Littler dogs ain’t so bad after all.

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

5 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf No More?”

  1. Haha Wyatt….I knew it…really a softie at heart if someone puts you in your spot! Hehe…Maggie’s like that too 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. My Momma and Dad weren’t sure if there was hope for me or not but I showed ’em I can be Mr. Nice Guy.

    (Rita and Maggie, you can put me in my spot anytime!)

  3. Hey Wyatt, tell Falcon for us that he is sorely missed. Shoshi is sooooo jealous and wants to chase sqerels (sic) with you too!

  4. Way to go Wyatt!! I know little dogs look like such tasty snacks, but the pawrents just don’t think its such a good idea for some reason. I prefer to assert my “coolness” toward extremely playful dogs. They just don’t get that I am an old lady and can’t be so roughty with arthritis starting in my back.

    Can’t wait to read more!


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