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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Wyatt’s Tug War with Bernie Bin Laden

March 24th, 2013 · 5 Comments · My Pals

Never give up! That’s what I told Bernie Bin Laden back in 2012 when my peeps shot this video of us playing tug o’ war on the beach at Fiesta Island, a favorite place of Tripawd Warrior Princess Abby.

Yeah, it was a pretty special day. Everyone made a big deal about my first swim. Whatever, I got to meet Angel Abby’s mom! That was pretty pawesome considering Abby headed for the Bridge just the day before. Dang, wish I coulda met her, she was a cutie!

Some might wonder how we could play and have fun on such a somber day, but Abby wouldn’t have it another way. That girl sure knew how to be more dog, and focus on the now making the most of every day.

As for that Bernie character, I can still kick his butt.

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  • Angel Abby's mom

    Awww, that was a special day!

  • benny55

    Inspawrational!! I felt exhausted just watching!! What a great day the gang is having just being dog—–the sheer joy of watching Wyatt and the others reminds us of the power and bliss of living in the moment.

    I think if you look closely, you’ll see an extra set of trpawd prints that belong to Abby—-see—a little to the left—yeah, there they are—–wait—-another set of paw prints—of course, here comes Jerry running along nipping at the waves!!

    Thanks for sharing the joy of living,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • hannah

    Oh Wyatt, you are such a good swimmer! And oh so handsome all wet like that! That looked like fun, who finally won the Tug o War?

    My heart goes out to Angel Abby’s Mom!

  • wyattraydawg

    Well I won of course!

  • biffngab

    Tug! Tug! Tug! Biff is eager to challenge! I’ll have to post some game film for Wyatt to preview!

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