Get Well Travis Ray

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray sends best wishes to Tripawd Travis Ray after bloat surgery.

I’m sad today.


My Oaktown Pack Homeboy and fellow Tripawd Travis Ray had a big surgery. Mom says he “bloated.” His stomach turned all funny and upside down and he had to go to the hospital reallllly fast. The doctors saved his life by turning his stomach back to the way it was.

Wow. He couldda died. I’m really glad he didn’t. They fixed his stomach but he has a crazy recovery ahead. He could use your hoppy thoughts. Thanks guys!


P.S. Now Mom sayz that I have to get the “gastropexy” surgery so that doesnt’ happen to me. I hate surgeries. But being dead would be worse. Ugh.

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I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

14 thoughts on “Get Well Travis Ray”

  1. Travis Ray get well soon. Wyatt, your mom is right. We want you to be healthy.

    Hugs to you & your pal.

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. Okay….tried a minute ao and wouldn’t send….said I needed javascript and cookies….another bunch of “tablet BS crappola”

    Sorry yu had to go through this Travis Ray. But really glad your pawparents are so diligent!!

    You are STUNNINGLY HANDSOME! Really, sunningy handsome!! Love that picture of your close up! Very ice!!

    K’m cnfused……I kmow, know..quit stating tje obvius! Are you related to Wyatt Ray?

    Also, when my Twinkie…-an eleven, maybe twelve yr. old Bull Mastiff had it, they “nailed” her tummy during the initial emergency operatin. Do you have to go back to have that de? Lr re you getting so ething different entirely?

    It’s not really NAILED Travis…..just “gently tacked”! Got a little over-dramtic, huh Travis Ray?

    She was NOT a tripawd, but did have nasal cancer. She did,however, ave a very successful and fairly quick recovery. We had many more quaility happy months together! If I recall, it seems like it was a matter of several days before she was almost fully recovered from the surgery. Again, she wasn’t a triawd but did have a little age and the “nasal” thing going on. Hopefully, you wil have a quick recovery too!!

    The da she “got the bloat”, there was absolutely NOTHING different about her routine.—.same amou t of food…same type of food…no excessive drinking…no over-exertion(remember, she’s a Bull Mastiff:-) )…no rolling around on her back. So, what the heck! I dn’t think anyone really k ows the cause!

    Travis Ray, if beig handsome jas anything to do with a quick recovery, you are healed!! You re healed son!!

    Boxes and boxes of get well wishes to you!!


    Saly and Happy Hannah

  3. Travis Ray, you know we have a big PAWTY coming up in a couple of months, so you need to heal and get better cause the wild child from SoCal, Bernie Bin Laden is coming to town.

    I prescribe cheeseburgers and fries!

    Shelby, the P.P.

  4. Feel better soon Travis Ray. You’ll have to eat in a bowl with bumps in it now!

  5. Travis Ray,

    Me and Finchy are glad you are okay! We are definitely not ready for another handsome boy up here at the bridge vying for attention from all the pretty girl dawgs. Buster says heal quick and stay here on earth, and Wyatt, sorry that you have to have the surgery 🙁

    Spirits Chili Dawg & Finchy

  6. Goodness! I need to go leave a message for Travis’s mom and dad! I am so happy he’ll be ok. Wyatt, you just sit back and enjoy the drugs and don’t complain. Your folks know best. You do NOT want bloat!


  7. Aw, thank youse guys! I’m feelin’ better, probably ’cause of all your well wishes. They mean the world to me and my pawrents. I’m not feeling up to a big post yet. But stay tooned! I swear I’ll get something up as soon as I am feeling a little less loopy (right now I gots the Tramadol blues)……

    Travis Ray

    p.s. Sally and Hoppy Hannah–yup I am officially tacked now. Phew!
    p.s.s. fourminipups–I bin eatin’ out of a bowl with bumps ever since I got to this house!
    p.s.s.s. jackcrowder–rest assured I will be well enough to kick BBL’s heinie all the way back to SoCal in a couple months (Yo, Bernie, just kidding dude!)

  8. Bloat is so scary. I was only a kid when our bichon got bloat, but it was terrifying. I hope he gets better, I’m glad they got him to surgery it time 🙂 Feel better!

  9. A bichon? Wow I thought bloat was only a big dog thing. I hope your doggie was OK after that. Thanks for the good wishes, they are helping and Travis is doing well!

  10. Liz and Roxie and Spirit Logan, my heart GSD who also survived bloat and surgery at 12, and Okey Dokey Smokey, Roxie’s little brother GSD, all wish Travis Ray a speedy recovery. Tacked is good. Bet that’s one impressive incision!!

  11. I know Wyatt Ray is all better by now – just have to say what a good looking group of GSD! We had Sophie gastroplexied when she was spayed but never did Atlas and I worry about bloat in these big dogs. I assisted in two bloat surgeries when I was a vet tech and neither survived. So glad you caught it early!
    Wyatt Ray – Hope you’re getting lots of your favorite treats to speed your recovery!

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