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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Hoppy Ampuversary to Meeeeeee

July 6th, 2013 · 7 Comments · My Thoughts

Technically my Ampuversary Celebration is two days late but I’ll forgive my Momma for that ’cause I know she is BUSY (unlike my homegirl Codie whose Momma who had time to post about HER ampuversary!). So celebrate with me will ya? I’ve been a Tripawd for four years now!

For those of you who’ve never seen how freekin adorable I was when I came along to live with my people, here  you go. I was only 9 months old here:

Some people think that Tripawds are “handicapped” or “special needs” but I’m here to tell you that’s all a bunch of bunk. I can do anything a quad pawd can do, and with much more style don’t you? Hah!

Hoppy Ampuversary to meeeeee.



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  • Michelle

    Yay Wyatt. Hoppy Ampuversary. You were a cute pup. Still a handsome dog. Enjoy your ranch work Wyatt & keep all those pesky tourists in line

    Michelle & Sassy

  • rica55

    WYATT! How did I never see your puppy picture before!? You were one CUTE CUTE DOGGY! and turned into one GOOD LOOKIN’ FELLA! You sure are lucky to have such great pawrents!


    Erica, Jack & Jill

  • benny55

    APPY HAPPY AMUVERSARY!! How you’ve been able to stay so humble with the level of stardom you have attained! You are definitely our super star!

    You are one strong and fit young man! Your mom and dad sure do take good care of you and love you to pieces!

    Yo were indeed an adorable pup and have turned. to a very handsome young man…striking so, You grew into those magnificent puppy ears perfectly!

    Enjoy your working vacation as best you can….it’s hard work ,keeping all those tourists in line….it at least you’re working g in paradise

    Mountains of good wishes to you on your special ampuversary! We are all beaming with pride foryou:-) 🙂

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • Tracy & Maggie

    Oh Wyatt! Where has the time gone?!?!!? 4 years?!?!? You go dude!!! We luv ya’!!!

    Tracy & Maggie

  • chilidawg

    Happy Ampuversary, Wyatt! 4 years is amazing! You go dawg!

    Spirit Chili Dawg and Spirit Finchy

  • Codie Rae

    Yo! Wyatt Ray! Happy Hippy Hoppy Ampuversary homie! Yeah, yeah, we all know you were a cute ‘lil guy and have grown up all handsome. But we love ya anyway!

    your alpha beyatch forever (and.don’ it.),

    p.s. you should put that picture of you in the aspens together with the one your mama stuck in your last post 🙂

  • roxiesmom

    Mr. Wyatt, you were and are one exceedingly handsome boy!!! Belated congratulations just mean the pawty goes on and on !!! Best wishes from the CT Princess Roo and her staff. And Okey Dokey Smokey I’m so Damn Excited Cletus Goober Kemp, the goofiest quad GSD ever to grace our family!

    -Liz & Co.

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