Another Awesome Ampuversary

Wyatt the three-legged German Shepherd celebrates his seventh ampuversary on three legs.

Yo! I’m pawtying here in the Colorado mountains where a hot dawg like me can chill out and have fun on this very big occasion. It’s my SEVENTH ampuversary! There’s so much to do, like swimming and hiking.

German Shepherd, Tripawd, three-legged
Every German Shepherd Trpawd needs a job.

Oh and being in the Fourth of July parade too!

German Shepherd, Tripawd, three-legged
Dog Bless America!

My peeps work at the ranch all summer. When they’re gone, I patrol for skwirels and keep an eye on all these loose, unregulated Shelties that run around. That’s not the life for me, I’d rather watch from the comfort of my doghouse on wheels.

Three-legged, German Shepherd, amputee
Hoppy July Fourth Everypawdy!

On hot days (which is like 80 here!) they take me swimming in the ponds. Maybe today we’ll go, after all, it’s a special day!

German Shepherd, Tripawd, three-legged
Yes, three-legged dogs can swim!

And there you have it. Just like my pal Codie Rae, I’m a July Ampuversary Tripawd. I lost my leg when I was eight months old and said “So what?!”

Today, I’m seven and life is good. I’m a little mellower but rock solid and I love my job as Tripawds Spokesdawg. Who knew when I was chained up in those mean people’s yard that I would go on to worldwide fame? Yep, that’s meeeee. The one n only Wyatt Ray Dawg.


Hoppy Ampuversary to Meeeeeee

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray celebrates four years as a tripod dog.

Technically my Ampuversary Celebration is two days late but I’ll forgive my Momma for that ’cause I know she is BUSY (unlike my homegirl Codie whose Momma who had time to post about HER ampuversary!). So celebrate with me will ya? I’ve been a Tripawd for four years now!

For those of you who’ve never seen how freekin adorable I was when I came along to live with my people, here  you go. I was only 9 months old here:

Some people think that Tripawds are “handicapped” or “special needs” but I’m here to tell you that’s all a bunch of bunk. I can do anything a quad pawd can do, and with much more style don’t you? Hah!

Hoppy Ampuversary to meeeeee.