Friends to the End. And Beyond.

Wyatt Ray the three-legged German Shepherd dog has strict orders for humans now that his best pal Austin Rae got his wings.

three Legged German Shepherd Dogs

Look guys, I’m not a real softie as you know. After all I am a German Shepherd. But there comes a time when life hurts so much that even tough dogs like me feel sad.

three legged German Shepherd dogs
Nopawdy put up with me the way you did, Austin.

My brother from another mother Austin Ray has gone to the Bridge. He was just one of those dogs who was so nice to everyone he ever met. I admired that about him. He even put up with me and you know that’s saying something.

three-legged German Shepherd dogs
There’s no other girl dog like you, Codie.

And in January, our Chief Regulator Codie Rae turned in her badge. Life isn’t quite right ever since. The world is a little quieter with her gone. Ok, a LOT.

three-legged German Shepherd dogs
Booyah! Let’s all get the ball and see what happens! L to R: Codie Rae, Austin Ray, Wyatt Ray, Travis Ray

If you don’t know, Austin and Codie are part of the Oaktown Pack. They raised me when I was just a dumb young pup, right after I lost my leg. They taught me everything I know about taking charge and regulating you humans.Β And now they’re gone.

three Legged German Shepherd Dogs
I’m gonna miss my best friend.

We sure had some times. Our people got together every now and then, even though we live far apart. They weren’t the only ones having a good time!

three-legged German Shepherd dogs
Mature dogs, but never boring.

Get this: try to picture four three-legged German Shepherds and one four pawed recreation leader, Smokey B, raising hell and having a ball! Yeah you know it was a par-tay.

I know that nopawdy lives furever. Not even the world’s greatest three legged German Shepherd dogs.Β  It ain’t right, but that’s the way it is. We just don’t get enough time on this planet to establish order and do our jobs. Oh and have fun, that’s important too.

The humans always say life is short. Well duh I say, we animals have been telling you that all along. So here’s another reminder. Get out today and go play with your Tripawd. Your quadpawd too! Then give your human pack extra slobbery kisses and tell them how much you love them. Someday when I am just a memory too, you’ll smile and go “Remember how much fun I had when I did what Wyatt Ray told me to do?”

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

7 thoughts on “Friends to the End. And Beyond.”

  1. Wyatt you’re right and awesome. Although it still hurts like heck when you gain your wings.


  2. Yo Wyatt, we have had some CRAZY times, eh dude? I remember that howlfest like it was yesterday. It sure is quiet ’round here without the rest of the OP. She was and always will be my Fearless Leader but I can’t say I miss being under Codie Rae’s paw! Dude! She wouldn’t let me move two feet without having something to say about it. Man, Austin and you were like two peas, you coulda bin each other’s stunt doubles! He was a super chill dude fur sure, way nicer than me ‘n you ese. He sure din’t deserve the hand he was dealt in life. Not that any of us did but him especially, ’cause he was so sweet. Well, ya still gots me and I still gots you homie, its up to us to carry on the OP traditions so I sure hope we get to see each other soon!

    Travis Ray on his lonesome

  3. Dannng I don’t know how you kept your cool around Codie Rae for so long. You’re tougher than me Travis. Meet you in the woods soon homie, I can’t wait till you get on the road with your peeps. The OP legend continues. xoxo

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