Who You Calling a Geriatric Tripawd Dog?

What does a geriatric Tripawd dog look like? Definitely not Wyatt Ray Dawg, our eleven year-old wild boy.

geriatric Tripawd dog in rehab therapy

The humans took me to the exercise dogtor the other day. They want to make sure I’m still up to the task of being your loyal spokesdog. When we were there, the dogtor called me a “geriatric” Tripawd dog. I thought “WHO are you talking about, lady?”

geriatric Tripawd dog in rehab therapy
Who, ME? Say it to my face, dogtor!

I might have turned eleven years young on Friday, but that doesn’t stop me from having a wild pawty. Talk about livin’ it up; I got TWO birthday treats!

That’s right party people. I’m eleven now. Sure, I’m a little bit more chill these days, and sometimes I sleep in later, but I still sleep with one eye open and I can hear you coming from a mile away.

What does a geriatric Tripawd dog look like? Certainly not me. If this is what 11 looks like, I can’t wait to see 12. I’m having as much fun as ever.

Tripawd with wheelchair
I’m an old pro at the wheels now.

Hoppy birthday to ME!

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of Tripawds.com.

6 thoughts on “Who You Calling a Geriatric Tripawd Dog?”

  1. Hoppy Birthday Wyatt! Remember, you’re only as old as you feel! Here’s to many more years of shenanigans and driving your humans crazy! Cheers, handsome fella!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  2. Hoppy birthday Wyatt! Geriatric is definitely NOT the word that comes to mind when I see your handsome mug 🙂
    You are gracing your golden years boy, I know other pups see you and say THAT is how I wanna be as I get older. Still feisty and a big ole clown.
    Sending you and your pack big hugs, I hope you have a happy, healthy, adventurous new year ahead 🙂
    Jackie and Huck

  3. Geriatric ???? Geez Wyatt, some so-called “professionals” have no clue about “maturing” and becoming more and. more wise! And we knew you could care less about how “old” or “young” you are. You know you are. loved and revered by your hoomans and that is all that matters! And you also know you actually get more and more handsome everyday…of that’s ecen possible!!
    I do believe Santa Claws is a little envious of your wheels. I’m sure being as”mature” as he is, he would use them running arou d his workshop.
    HAPPY, HAPPY ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY WYATT!!! Two birthday meals and pawtying??? Yeah, you keep rockin’ sweet boy!! And thanks for the pictures and video. We can never have enough of those!😊
    Lots of love
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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