Let Go. Let Dog.

The time came for my people to Let go and Let Dog. To follow the course of nature, and help me be free of these worn out earth clothes.

Wyatt Ray

I think Humans are part Retriever. They love to go out and play fetch for all kinds of things. Money. Cars. Houses. Cats. Dogs. But when they finally get those things, they sure have a hard time letting go of what they find.

Let Go. Let Dog. Tripawd Tribute to Wyatt Ray Dawg.
The Wild Boy we will always remember.

In 2009 my parents found me and didn’t let go. I was so glad. We hung on together for a wild ride criss-crossing all over the continent in our doghouse on wheels. My life has been everything a dog could want. All along we knew it couldn’t last forever, but we pressed on, ignoring the truth.

Let Go. Let Dog. Tripawd Tribute to Wyatt Ray Dawg.
What a long strange trip it was.

Earlier this year, I tried to prepare my humans that it would soon be time to let go of me. I slowed down. All those daily physical therapy exercises weren’t doing what they used to. I got weak.

Yeah, it’s hard to believe, I know. How does a loud, rowdy punk rock dog like me get old and wear out? My people tried so hard to not let it happen. We followed canine rehab therapists advice my whole life. My coaches worked me hard. I never got a pawliday from fitness!

Let Go. Let Dog. Tripawd Tribute to Wyatt Ray Dawg.
Work. Work. Work. That’s me.

But twelve years went by, and then it happened. Nature bats last as they say.

A couple of months ago I knew it was time to ditch these earth clothes of mine. They served their purpose, and I looked great wearing them didn’t I? My people felt sad there were no miracles left for this geriatric Tripawd dog.

German Shepherd Senior Tripawd
Forever a wild boy.

I held out as long as I could, until I could not. Last week I spoke to Mom, and I spoke to Dad. I showed them I needed to move on. And after lots of tears and talking, they agreed.

It was time for them to let go. It was time to let dog.

And so they did. Yesterday on November 10, they helped me hop out of my achy old bones. While stuffing my face with hot dogs and Auntie Carla’s Cosmic Cookies, I bowed out of this earthly dimension and barked my way to the Rainbow Bridge.

Let Go. Let Dog. I. Am. Free.

Please don’t be sad for me. Listen here people. I’m gone from the earth, but not from the heavens and definitely not from your hearts. Listen for my bark. I’m always by your side Tripawds friends.

Let Go. Let Dog.
Wyatt Ray Dawg. 01/03/09 – 11/10/20

Please join us for a live video tribute call to celebrate the life of Wyatt Ray Dawg and all our tripawd angels

Tripawds founders Rene & Jim invite you to a scheduled Zoom meeting:
Tuesday, November 17, 2020
12:00 Noon PST (3:00 Eastern)

Topic: Tribute to our Three Legged Angel Wyatt Ray and
All Our Tripawd Angels at the Bridge

Join Zoom Meeting Here at 12:00 Noon 11/17/20

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Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of Tripawds.com.

35 thoughts on “Let Go. Let Dog.”

  1. Wyatt – thank you for bringing us to your mom & dad. You will be missed by so many. I’ll be tuning in next week ❤
    Donna & Glenn

  2. Oh Wyatt… I am sad.
    I am so honored I got to meet you and see you happy and not weary. We got to hear of your escapades from one end of the country to the other. We even got to share the Epic Tripawd party in VA. It still hurts even though I know you are healthy and happy running free. I know there is a life time supply of your dad’s shorts up there for you to chew on LOL.

    I know Jerry and you are relaxing and sharing stories of your journeys. Thank you for being the Tripawd spoke Dawg. It’s going to be hard around here for awhile for your pawrents. Make sure you give them a good sign that you made it ok. When their hearts are ready you and Jerry make sure to pick out that special Dawg to join that Dawg house on Wheels.
    Say hi to Sassy, Bosch and Baby Simba up there for me would ya. Tell them that I think about them all the time.
    Sending lots of love,

    Michelle,Snickers, Jasmine, Chief & Angels Sassy, Bosch & Baby Simba


  3. Oh Wyatt you so did look good in your earth clothes! One handsome dude! I have tear here but it’s only cause we’ll miss you so. I know your Angel wings will serve you mighty fine! I’m so so happy I got to meet you at the Epic VA party! Where you allowed us (in typical GSD fashion 😉) to fawn over you staying right by your Dad’s side. Hey family’s everything right? My heart hurts for your Mom & Dad right now but time will eventually heal. You’ll be missed big guy but you truly lived your BEST life! Sending love and hugs!! XXXOOO
    Linda & Spirit Mighty Max

  4. My Wy Wy, thank you for letting me love on you this summer. Thank you also for guarding grandpa as he struggled to cross over his own bridge. Your wet nose at the breakfast table next to grandma is seared in my memory ❤️

  5. Wyatt, we are all so sorry to see you go. I know you had the biggest welcome party ever waiting for you at the bridge! THANK YOU for showing all of us that life can be amazing on three.
    We will miss you, and forever you will be in our heart

    Nancy and Angel Brownie

  6. Oh Wyatt, have a good journey my friend. I am actually sure you remember me, don’t you, because you and I clicked when we met. I still have that picture of us in the pavillion. Your spirit felt familiar when we met because at the time I had a very similiar spirit back home. Now you and Manni are finally meeting I suppose and you’re either at each others’ throats already or you’re throwing the wildest of parties together, tearing the place apart. I’m sure the others there don’t even know what hit them. Maybe you two can show off your balancing skills and muscle sizes to the ladies present.
    I will never forget you, Wyatt, because kindred spirits recognize each other.
    To your mom and dad: he talked to you loud and strong, I am sure, that it was time. hugs to you guys and hats off for being such good guardians and to listen to him.

  7. Wyatt, you definitely left behind large footprints to fill and you continue your mission. I have no doubt you were there to meet my girl 2 years ago on the 17th to help you continue your mission. Her lessons to me then were subtle and gentle and now they still continue but she’s definitely “be more dogging me.” Tuesday will be a huge emotionally filled day while I remember and honor my girl and her life, her lessons, her legacy and most importantly, her love ❤️🍎🐾

  8. Oh Wyatt! I know you told us not to be sad but I can’t help it! My heart goes out to your Mum and Dad because I know how much they must be hurting right now and what a HUGE three-legged space you leave behind you. And I know it’s silly because as you say, you’re still here and you always will be and that’s definitely true and I know it was your time and you told them and they listened and what a great and generous final gift they gave you. They will have had a huge guard of honour to welcome you at the bridge, all those tripawd angels lined up to welcome you and the noise, my goodness, I reckon I could hear it from here! And right at the end of the guard of honour when you’d walked past those hundreds and hundreds of Tripawds, there was Jerry waiting for you and you finally got to meet him! ‘Good job, Wyatt Ray,’ he said. ‘Good job!’

  9. Take 2….. I am soooo sad to read this news this morning. Wyatt, you were an amazing brother to all and like your brother before you have left a legacy and trail of lessons and love. I know there is plenty of frolicking going on but keeping a paw on the ones you so love. The veil is thin so while your fur clothes may have had their last wear, the heart and spirit remain. My girl has left me a lifetime of her legacy to carry on, her love and spirit define me daily. She’s is constantly “be more dogging” me! Give her a fun bump and play now and until we all reunite, we are all better humans for being blessed with such incredible, beautiful dogs. Run free, love and light 🍎❤️🐾.
    Love Nancy and Applesauce

  10. We are so profoundly sorry to hear you earned your wings, Wyatt. We have no doubt there was a pawty in heaven like no other! Every former tripawd on four came running to meet and greet you. Wyatt, you finally got to meet your spirit brother Jerry and so many of the angels. We will keep that visual in our minds as we shed our tears!

    We were not fortunate to meet you in person, but we loved you none the less. We will miss seeing your handsome frosty mug, and we will be looking and listening for you, buddy. Come see us, ok.

    Run Free Wyatt Ray with your beautiful silver wings! You will live on thru every one of us and stay in our hearts furever.

    Loads of love and enormous hugs!
    Mark, Holly, Saxton, and Purrkins! 💝💝💝

  11. In Heaven’s section, where the cool kids of Tripawds hang out, the lights are flashing and the Red Carpet has been laid out….their hero celebrity Spokespup has arrived! With Jerry at the front of the line, you are welcomed in, to join your celestial pack. Hearts are breaking all over down here, but there is a huge Tripawd Party happening “up there”; it will take us humans a while longer to process and accept a world without Wyatt Ray. We know it was your time, and you are healthy and whole again, but it still leaves a hole in our hearts. If you see a handsome Warrior Dobie named Nitro, tell him “hey” for me. Be sure to send your folks some signs – loud and proud – and maybe, when its time, send them a deserving pup to fill their lives, while you and Jerry wait till you see them again.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  12. Wyatt, thank you for giving many of us hope, that life can go on with 3 legs happily. Your mom and dad are incredible at helping others like you and me. I know my time here is growing short and, in due time, I’ll catch up with you. We have a lot of stories to swap. Until then, fly high my man. You’ve got your leg back and it must sure feel great.
    Fly high dude.
    Your friend. Neon

  13. There are no words that can truly express the feelings of love and loss we humans have for our babies. Heaven welcomed another special angel, dear Wyatt. So sorry for the hurt you are feeling Rene and Jim, its so hard to let go, its because of your love that you were able to let Wyatt run free. My heart is with you.

  14. The only way. the ooonnnllyyyy way I could even try to write to you was because YOU wrote this from YOUR perspective. And your summation of your experiences in your earth clothes, especially now, reminds us of what’s true.

    But I tell ya’ what, looking at this from a hooman perspective hurts soooo badly right now. our hearts are breaking and we know the hurt your hoomans are experiencing is unbearavle. And on top of that, they are still working 24/7 inbetween their sobs to help othrs on the Tripawd site, not to mention a gazzillion other issues.
    The void of not having you physically by their sides, the emptiness, the silence, the break in routines……all of this is breaking their hearts over and over. And it will for a long time…..vecause we are hoomans. And then on top of that you are famous.
    When you are as famous as you are and then no longer physically visible at upcoming events, or in video presentations, etc…well…again….so hard.

    Yoir energy though….OMD…your energy will be felt over and over again and eternally! We KNOW that!!! And the ways you make your presence known will be so brilliantly done! Cannot wait to see all the magic you perform with that unstoppable and witty energy of yours!

    Slowly, but surely, your words will resonate more and more with them….and with us….as the days move us further away from our “perceived loss” and push is towards the truth of every word you wrote.

    I know you were at peace and so calm with your transition. It was such a gift to your hoomans to let them know you were soooo ready to jump out of these failing earth clothes and run free. I also know that if you thought you were gonna get so many hot dogs and Cosmic Cookies, you would have made your wishes known a lot sooner!!!

    We are so privileged and honored to be traveling with you on your earth journey, We got to see so much of the country and some of the most beautiful scenes Nature has to offer. Places I know I would never “visit” were it not for you. I always loved the photos you shared where we were looking “through your ears” at what you were seeing .

    You educated us on all the ways to keep a tripawd strong and fit. You shared all your therapies with us, Westwern, Eastern and inbetween. Most recently you shared the latest up to date approaches to arthritis and pain. Your hoomans left no stone unturned EVER when it came to your care!!! Talk about above and beyond, they pursued every Avenue available when it came to your well being. And as you already know, that equation care and devotion for you to eing a Tripad Senior!! And Tripawd Se ior are like gold around here.

    We know you were only on loan and would head back home to the Source.
    We also know your arrival at the bridge had a welcome home pawty like no other! You had pecan pies to eat, dishtowels ro eat, paper and boxes to tear apart…..and all with no tummy consequences!

    The best part though. had to be when you and Jerry barked a d frolicked as you saw each other. You played tug of war with sticks, you swam, you chased squiwwerls and ate sugar and chocolate!

    I know Jerry is soooo proud of how you carried on his legacy. He’s equally as proud of the legacy you created for yourself too. As are we. And a huge part of yoir legacy, in addition to all the knowledge you shared on everything tripawd, is all the laughs you gave us! There is only one wild and crazy Wyatt and we shall always celebrate you for being you.

    Pick out your Star and let it shine brightly for your hoomans tonight, okay?

    We love you. You will NEVER be forgotten and you will always ve with us. And goodness knows, we’ll never forget you bark!

    Surrounding Jim and Rene with Wyatr’s eternal light that can never be dimmed💖💜

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  15. What A dog! What A family you have! Indescribable the many pups you have helping and will still help.
    You helped my Mom and still are.. She needed you and you were there.
    You were a angel sent here and you earned your wings a thousand times over!!

    God Bless you and Please always look out after all of us left here and out Hoomans…
    Your 3-legged Friend

  16. Dear Wyatt!
    Please find our girls, Heidi and Ella. They have been free since April and September 2020. They are the most beautiful GSD girls and love to run….you be sure to tell them we miss them every day. Sisters and BFF, they are ready to hang out with a handsome guy like you! We love you, too, Wyatt. 🐾🐾Margaret Hunter

  17. Dear Rene and Jim,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Somehow I thought that Wyatt Ray would live forever. Now he does, in another form just as handsome, in another place. My heart shares in your sorrow. Holly (Spirit Dakota’s mom)

  18. Everyone has spoken from their hearts so beautiful and with such love and eloquence. As you can see, Wyatt touches us all💜

    When you can, touch base with Martha. It’s about an email we exchanged and a banner and a sign……for real sign!

  19. Oh, Wyatt, how we will miss your smiling face and your adventures! Thank you, Wyatt for being the inspawration that you have been for all of us Tripawd families. We are so grateful for you and for Jerry and you will live on in our hearts forever! We will love you forever, Wyatt and our hearts are breaking for your pawrents. You be sure to send them signs from time to time and enjoy your new adventures with sherry and the other Tripawd angels.

  20. Wyatt, what a fine and fitting tribute to a beautiful life you lived with family and friends who will love you forever. Thank you for the positive influence you continue to have on us all.

  21. Dearest Rene and Jim, I know, Wyatt said to not feel sad. It was my first feeling reading your post and then your video with you barking made me laugh. Yah, you tell them Wyatt!! The Rainbow Bridge is now loud and rowdy!!
    Thank you for sharing your love and adventures of Wyatt. He’s a great example of a large tripawd living his life to the fullest.

    Huge hugs and love,

  22. Oh, man, Wyatt Ray, I was so sad to hear the news that you have travelled on. Thank you for helping all the other tripods during your life here. You certainly some great earth parents and I’m sending them so much love. xoxo
    Jill and Petra the Tripod

  23. I want to do this later, but I don’t know if I’ll find a better time so… you know Im not always the best with words when I’m emotional.
    Wyatt’s last woofing video made me smile. Through more tears.
    I’ll never be able to word this as eloquently as the others, but my heart is with you.
    You guys remind me a lot of the good memories. When i was a tech. You seek out change and better options. If there is cutting edge healing options for our furbabies, you are all in. You advocate for differently abled beings, and for that I will always be grateful. So will my Huck. I fell apart when I had that wounded creature and you helped show us the way through recovery. You and all the other beautiful people here, but without you there would be no “here”.
    I worry that we waited too long with Mitch. I know what you did was heartwrenching, but you put Wyatt first and that is the most selfless thing in the world.
    Wyatt is up there with all of our Angels having the pawty of the century❤ no doubt he rocked some serious clouds on the way!
    There’s no “easy” to this. But in my heart of hearts I know Wyatt has given a piece of his hard headed self to all of us.
    Thank you for being you. Thank you for all the hours you spend here with your pack taking care of all of us while we lived the road of our worse fears to the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Wyatt for being such a pawsome spokesperson. I know you did Jerry justice and taught your mama and papa a lot❤
    Sending you all so much love.
    Jackie and Huckleberry❤❤❤

  24. Gonna miss you Fluffy Wyatt. I’m so grateful to have gotten to spend time with you in your last weeks. You were a sweet faithful guardian to Grandpa in his final days, and for that you are THE BEST furbaby ever in my book! sweet dreams good boy, ❤️The McLaughlins

  25. beautiful Wyatt ~ you’re soaring now, and while your parents are hurting, they know it gets better with time. You’ll always be with them. I’m seeing you play bowing with Saki and all winged friends.

  26. We never got to meet Wyatt in person, but we feel as though we knew him. Jim and Rene, your accounts of Wyatt Ray’s adventures painted the picture of his one-of-a-kind personality! He inspired us as we went through our rough time with our Daniel’s amputation last March. He was so lucky to have found you for his loving and encouraging parents! May he continue to inspire you, and all of the Tripawd community, with his gentle Angeldog barks from afar.

  27. This made me sad even though I know you are all sure it was time. I’m sorry for your grief and sdness,
    As Jack gets older and slows down I think about that decision often. I guess we’ll know when it’s time but it will be a sad, sad day.
    Take care.
    I hope our paths cross again some day.

  28. Sorry to hear this news. I was about to say Rest In Peace Wyatt, but that can come later… for now, run wild, run free, run and play in dog heaven like the crazy dog you are!!

    “My life has been everything a dog could want.”
    I have no doubt this is 100% true. What an inspiring life, and story!

  29. Oh No Wyatt. I got your Christmas card and it said you were an angel. I haven’t been on this site for a long time but I am sorry you had to leave. I do understand you had to leave for another world. I am glad I got to meet you in California several years ago. I knew greatness when I saw you. Say Hi to Maggie and Blink up there.
    Penny and Hank

  30. Aww thank you Penny. Yeah, his time came to go pawty with Maggie and Blink. Our hearts are heavy but we smile when we think of the good times like when he met you! Hope we can see you again sometime soon when these crazy times are over. Stay safe and know the Tripawds Nation sense our love to you and Hank.

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