Wild Wyatt Whispers in the Wind

Tour the wild stretch of desert where we installed Wyatt Ray Dawg’s memorial sign, dedicated to his incredible life on the road.

Wild Wyatt on the Road

Wyatt spent almost all of his life on the road. He traveled coast-to-coast several times, and all the way to Alaska. That boy saw more places than most people get to enjoy during their lives.

Wild Wyatt on the Road
Wyatt was a road dawg for 12 years.

Wild Wyatt Whispers in the Wind

When it came time to crate a memorial marker, it was only fitting that Admin created a design that reflects his wandering spirit. Take a look.

Since we are perpetual nomads, we don’t have a backyard where we can place a memorial marker. So we installed the sign in the wild stretch of desert where we have spent winter for the last few years. It’s across from our favorite RV park, in a very sweet pet memorial area where Wyatt took his last stroller ride. This is a place where the coyotes yip and yowl every night of the week, where we lay in bed under the stars and listen to echoes of Wyatt’s spirit dancing in the wind.

three legged German Shepherd
Wyatt was always at home wherever we roamed.

The sign was made possible by our very generous Tripawds family members who chipped in for a group gift. Thank you so much, you know who you are! And the chimes in the soundtrack are a beautiful tribute gift from longtime Tripawds friend Heather. Wyatt’s marker was designed by Admin but made by Hicks Graphics.


Author: jerry

Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

12 thoughts on “Wild Wyatt Whispers in the Wind”

  1. that is so so beautiful πŸ™‚ The chimes and that just brought tears to my eyes. Jim did a great job designing the memorial marker for Wyatt.

    Michelle, Jasmine, Chief and Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers

  2. Such a beautiful tribute for Wyatt, and the wind chimes are perfect too!

    Paula and Warrior Angels Nitro and Kodi

  3. Such a moving memorial – absolutely beautiful. Wind chimes in the background are so soothing and perfectly placed.

  4. Dear Whispering Wyatt, still has a lot to say, just a lot quieter! Too quiet! I’m pretty sure i can hear you in the wind, over that incredibly wild landscape Wyatt, those Coyotes will be bowing to your howl every night!!! And how lovely that your deer come to visit you too! Way too quiet!! πŸ˜”

    Stewie and I are so grateful to have met you on your wild ride to Alasaka, please know that you can come and visit us any time buddy! Spitfire Spikey has his candle lit every day to help guide you and Stewie will be waiting to give you a big smacker of a kiss!

    Your memorial marker will be seen for miles Wyatt, and to be surrounded by all of those very special angels… your Mum and Dad couldn’t have honoured you any better!

    Very special spirit kisses coming to you and Angel Jerry from all of us up here in the great white north.
    Love you Wyatt Ray!!!
    Petra, Paul, Super Duper Stu, Chester Chief in Charge, Loving Miss Lily, Talkative Ted and Spirit Spitfire Spikey πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  5. Wyatt was at home wherever he roamed and will always be yes.πŸ’«

    Beautiful piece Jim designed for Wyatt purrfect in all ways! The windchimes are soothing to the soul. Helps with the oh so quite we hope!

    I love the pet memorial location and the ETERNAL in stones! YES, we all know this, but it does not make us miss their earthly vessel any less.

    Ruv you, Wyatt Ray; we see your banner pop up ALL the time! I know you still have a lot to say, buddy. We are listening!

    Loads of love to you both and (((((big hugs)))))
    Holly, Mark, Saxton Joe & Purrkins Ray

  6. This could not be a more perfect spot for Wyatt’s memorial. He will always be in our hearts.

    Kathi and Murphy, the Turbotail April Angel, Angel Gus, and Uncontrollable Ollie the Labradork

    PS. I really loved seeing the bottle of Three Legged Red.

  7. Paw shucks everyone, thank you for the beautiful notes. It’s hard not having Wyatt’s physical presence with us on a daily basis, but his spirit is strong and that brings us comfort. We feel grateful that we had him in our life at all, and knowing how many people he touched is the greatest gift. Thank you for loving our very special road dawg.

  8. Your Mom and Dad gave so much thought to where and how to pay tribute to you. And boy oh boy, they nailed it.
    I remember the trail they took you on for your last “earth ride” and how you were barking with such glee. Yes indeedy, you gave voice to the wind that day. Uou made sure it could be furever heard by your hooman whenever they retraced the many places you visited during your winter stays there.
    Your Dad created your memorial with a vision that could only be designed by the love in his heart he has for you. It’s so beautiful. Everyt about this tribute is so beautiful.
    I have to say, the lovely sound of your wind chimes gave me a little lump in my throat. Very quickly though, the sound surrounded me with your peace and with a knowing that you ARE part of Nature. You ARE part of the wind that makes the chimes sing. You are part of the sparkle that makes the your star twinkle.
    Okay sweet Wyatt Ray, younjave a lot of regulating to do up at The Bridge, but make sure you check in with us on a regular basis, okay. We need that.πŸ‘
    Btw, I ALWAYS smile when I see your banners. It reminds me, reminds us all, what a joyous earth life you experienced! And you did it all your way😎
    Im so glad your Mom and Dad shared your memorial marker with us and all the reasons why the place they decided on that spot. It made us feel like we were there celebrating all the wonderful adventures you had. Thank you for including us.
    We love you Wyatt Rayβ™₯️
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  9. What a wonderful tribute for a great dog and his humans!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

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