Wishing on Wyatt’s Christmas Star

Hoppy Pawlidays from Wyatt’s Christmas Star as it lights up the pawlidays for all our Tripawd heroes and angels.

Wishing on Wyatt's Christmas Star

Was the Christmas Star sending a Hoppy Pawlidays message from Wyatt Ray? We’d sure like to think so!

Wishing on Wyatt's Christmas Star
Did you hear Wyatt calling from the stars?

Wishing Tripawd A Hoppy Pawliday, from Angel Wyatt Ray

It would be just like Wyatt to instigate a ruckus in the heavens. This week’s Christmas Star convergence of Jupiter and Saturn was almost certainly caused by Wyatt stirring up trouble at the Rainbow Bridge.

Wyatt's Christmas Star
Did you see Wyatt’s Christmas Star rumble at the Bridge?

After all, Wyatt loved Christmas celebrations! And why shouldn’t he? That dawg got spoiled rotten every year.

Santa Paws was always good to him, no matter how many shirts he ate, or Thanksgiving pies he stole before we got the chance to eat ’em. That boy always knew how to win everyone over, eventually!

Wyatt Ray, thank you for so many years lighting up our pawlidays. Even though your Christmas star was quite spectacular this week (thank you!), the holiday is mighty quiet down here.

Love you furever,

Maw & Paw

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4 thoughts on “Wishing on Wyatt’s Christmas Star”

  1. Oh Wyatt, it was so much fun going down memory lane with you. And your rendition of Feliz Navidawg is a furever treasured Christmas Classic.
    I could watch you open your Christ packages furever. Upu were so focused and tore the paper with incredible precision. Quite masterful and getting to the present within, although I think you derived more joy from jist opening the packages.😎
    I’m so glad you have these treasured moments with Wyatt being so happy to just be Wyatt. Such a happy,loved and content boy.
    And yes, the “Christmas Star” was chock full of connection from Wyatt.
    Wyatt, I don k ow of your Dad remembers, it we had a conversation at my home in Virginia about stars and their make up and the shared DNA we have with them. Yeah, guess that Star was your way of sharing your eternal light.

  2. Thank you Sally, I’m glad you saw the star and more importantly that you liked my singing! As for opening presents, you should see how I opened crazy things when my people weren’t looking! I’m no sloppy food swiper that’s for sure.

    I’ll ask my dad about that conversation, it makes total sense to me!

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