Playtime with Pills

Help give your dog pills with interactive Doggy Twister game by Nina Ottoson.

They can put a man on the moon but can’t make pills that taste good. What’s up with that? Y ou’d think that for $97 a bottle for one of my surgery meds, they could make them taste like fresh bison meat or something!

If your dog is taking pills for something, I’ll bet you’ve tried all sorts of ways to disguise them. But have you ever made a game out of pills with your dog? Me and my momma now have an “interactive” pill game. Here’s how it goes.

┬áMom breaks out the Doggy Twister Game and puts treats in the compartments. She thinks she’s being sly by putting my meds in there but I’m onto her.

One by one I take each bone off the game and the fun begins. When all the bones are off, I can slide the doors around.

And what’s behind the doors?

My breakfast!

Oh and some pills too. But I don’t mind you see, because it’s so much fun trying to dig up all of my kibble! Sometimes I see the pills and skip them, sometimes I don’t see them at all because I’m nearsighted (didn’t you know, all dogs are, especially breeds with big schnozolas like mine!). Usually I leave the pills in there and we have another go-around. That’s my way of me getting Mom to play another game with me!

The Dirt: Mom is making me pimp out the Doggy Twister Game because she says I gotta help pay for my $97 meds! Go buy one today!