And the Mountains go BOOM!

Three legged dog Wyatt tells about his fear of thunder in Colorado.

Tripod Dog Wyatt Hears Thunder in ColoradoIt’s been cloudy and rainy here in Colorado. And yesterday, this huge BOOM! noise like I’ve never heard before came crashing down over my house. Mom said it was called “thunder.”

I sort of freaked out. That noise made me want to run around the house and hide under everything. So I ran a little, hid a little, ran some more, and didn’t calm down until bedtime. Back in Oakland, I heard lots of sirens and explosions and stuff, but they were nothing like this!

Mom and Dad aren’t sure about the best ways to help me get through this. They are going to order the book German Shepherds for Dummies
to see if there’s anything in there about why Shepherds act the way we do. Hopefully there will be something in there about how we can cope with things like this thunder stuff.

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

15 thoughts on “And the Mountains go BOOM!”

  1. Wyatt Ray Dawg,

    Who knew you were such a weiner?. Dude, you made it through the 4th of July in East Oakland, whattup with the nervous nellie stuff? Ya better get used to those thunderstorms ’cause I do believe they have alot of them out there in Colorado.

    Tell your pawrents there is a ton of stuff online… mom says this article looked particularly interesting……
    She also doubts there will be anything on that subject in GSDs for Stupid Humans but there is probably lots of other good stuff in there. Personally, I think my mom should get that book too!

    In the meantime, look at the life you are living! Out there romping in the sagebrush and chewing on big ol’ bones, everyday, whats a little thunder? Get OVER it dude!


    ps try retreating to your crate, maybe with a big kong filled with peanut butter????? A shot of whiskey? Play AC/DC really loud?

  2. Oh Rene…Paris is awful in storms, if she could crawl down my throat she would. We haven’t had much luck with anything except I did discover that she is better in the basement where she can’t hear or see!! She has actually straddled across me in the bed at night in a panic, 75 pounds of dog fur in my face!! A comical word picture to say the least!!
    By the way, he is such a beautiful boy!!

  3. Hey Miss Smartypants Codie Rae! I’ll bet you’ve never ever ever heard big thunder like THIS! When you come visit, you’ll know what I mean. Just you wait!

    Tell your Mom thanks for the article. My Mom read it and says there’s a lot of good things in there. But I am NOT wearing “thunderwear”! She put my crate in the living room and covered it with blankets. I’m hanging in there now with my kong and tire, and I’m feeling better.

    Gineej, can’t you just see the two of us in storms? OMG we’d tear the place up! Tell your Mom thanks for the compliment, I feel better already.

  4. I have forgotten about the thunder! Living in the bay area has made us soft. When we lived in northern AZ the thunder would TERRIFY Caira Sue! She really did think the sky was falling, but you know when you are at a higher elevation and the storms are that strong it kinda does feel like the sky is falling! Poor Wyatt Ray! I hope he gets desensitized soon!

  5. Oh yeah Caira Sue, the lightning and thunder here shakes the whole house, it’s crazy! You’re so lucky you’re in the Bay Area.

  6. Rookie ( our Shepherd) is terrified of anything that goes
    BOOM! We bought a CD /book “through a dog’s ear” to play when things get a little scary around here. We also give him a little rescue remedy. Seems to work a little bit. ( Wrigley always did think he was a big chicken) Since he was a rescue too – you never know just exactly what they had to put up with in their early days. Hope Wyatt gets used to it for you.

    Those Colorado thunderstorms can be pretty scary. I remember spending a lot of time in the basement when I lived there as a kid.

    I’m sure Wyatt will adjust. I’m so happy for you and your new family.

  7. Hey thanks for the tip about the CD, we’ll look it up, as well as getting some Rescue Remedy. You’re the 2nd person to tell us about it.

  8. Hey!

    My mom bought that CD for me too! She says it makes HER calm! Not sure if it does anything for me though. She probably doesn’t play it enough…… ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Jack used to freak out during thunder storms, but for some reason, ever since his amputation he doesn’t mind them so much. I think cancer has made him a stronger doggie ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to get my hands on a copy of that German Shepherds for dummies book. Mine is 9 months old and BARKBARKBARKs at every little noise and has no concept of personal space or stepping on his brother, his parents, or anything else that may be in his way. GAH! He’s exhausting (but oh sooo cute).

  10. Maybe try making a game out of the noise? Get treat bag and put on your waist of high value treats, (real chicken strips or even a can of cheese whiz) and each time the noise comes, give a treat while laughing and smiling! I would guess that after a while, he’ll be listening intently for the noise since he’ll associate it with super good treats. Dogs understand laughter and happiness, laughter is something that catches on even in bad moments.

    Not that we get much t-storms in Vegas but when we do hear thunder, mine would bark, run and chase each other in back yard. It was a game for them.

  11. Hey Comet, we’ll try that. Anything’s worth a try. Maybe I’ll be able to run around happy during our next storm, instead of flipping out. Thanks!

  12. Hi Wyatt:

    When I became around 3 years old, I became super-dooper scared of thunder also. Mom thinks it was because of a bad experience when I was in the kennel.

    I bet a strong guy like you will get used to it. Mom was pretty proud of me when I was at my grandpawrents and a big old midwest storm came through on Tuesday night. I wasn’t happy but I didn’t completely lose my mind.

    Good luck to you.

    Tika’s sister Caya

  13. Hey Guys!
    We have just finished testing out a product called “Thundershirt”. We have a 6 year old
    150lb. Shiloh Shepherd that loses his mind in thunderstorms, fireworks, and who know what else he was working himself into, Dog brain being as it is, so we had to find something to help him.
    We saw an ad for the Thundershirt and thought we would try it.
    Well we are so happy with it, we are going to carry it in our facility. It IS awesome.
    Here is a link to their site…they are great people to talk to…and their product works!
    They guarantee it…no dog has to suffer anymore!
    My boy finally has peace and sanity during weather events.
    Thats worth a big Three Paws Up!

  14. I’ve heard about that Thundershirt, it’s good to know someone who has tried it! I might have to get my pawrents to get me one, even if I do think they look a little goofy!

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