But Mom, Why Do We Gotta Leave?

Three legged Oakland dog Wyatt leaves on a road trip in the RV for winter.

I was just getting used to this country life, enjoying all the snow here, when Mom and Dad said “OK, it’s too cold! Time to go Wyatt.”

So they loaded up this big house on wheels, and we left Colorado yesterday. Now we are sitting at a place called a “truck stop” in Utah. I don’t know where we’re going but they say I’m going to like this adventure, “what dog wouldn’t?” they say. 

I’m not sure about this yet. My tummy is all messed up, and I poo’d all over my new house last night. That happened when Mom and Dad went to get dinner after the truck stopped working on the freeway. They locked me into my crate but I wasn’t going to poo in there! So I busted out. Yeah, all you dogs who get locked into those dumb boxes, just ask me how to escape, I’ll teach ya all the tricks! Mine was easy though, I have to admit, my soft crate just needed one good swipe of the paw, maybe two, and I was out. I almost broke all the way through the house screen door too, but Mom and Dad came home before I finished.

It’s a nice morning. Mom cleaned the rig, and now in a little bit we’ll get started moving again. I can’t wait to get out of this truck and run around again.

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of Tripawds.com.

13 thoughts on “But Mom, Why Do We Gotta Leave?”

  1. Hi Wyatt,
    I am so jealous that you get to go traveling! I loved going on my 2 week trip to Colorado with my pawrents. I hope you meet lots of wonderful people that will want to pat you on the head and talk to you….I love that part!
    I am sorry you got sick though, It is really bad when you need to get outside and your people aren’t there to let you out!! I don’t like to make a mess either.
    I had so much fun on my trip, but now life is so boring. When we got home last week my Mom, Ginny got pneumonia and now my Dad, Randy has the flu!! I just want to go out and play or go for a ride or something!!
    Have a wonderful adventure being on he road,

    Love & licks, Paris

  2. Bummer on the yucky belly Wyatt. Don’t be embarrassed about the spewing and pooing in the camper. I had to do that once too cause i was really sick but no one was there to let me out. Good pawrents like yours understand these things!

    I sure do wish we were on the road too. I had a blast on our last camping trip. Mom said our new camper will be here soon. We’re going to Tucson and maybe a place called Anza Borrega in CA in December. Mom said I’ll really like hiking there. I’m a little nervous about the truck stops though. The loud noise is too overwhelming sometimes.

    Have fun!

  3. Poopy Wyatt dog! (just kidding… :-))

    It sure sucks when your tummy is messed up and you gotta go… I’m sure your pawrents weren’t too upset… at least you didn’t escape from your traveling home… That would have freaked them out for sure!

    Hope your tummy feels better soon… and you can enjoy some more adventures!

    Jake’s Mom

  4. Yikes Wyatt!

    That was a close call! Sorry your tummy has gone south. Maybe you are just, like, totally stressed out with the changes in your life? I got that way on our trip out to see you, I literally made myself sick ’cause I was so hopped up all the time. Try and relax little buddy, no matter where you are headed you will be with your pawrents and they love you! Well, maybe not so much when you poop all over the RV…… 🙂 But they know it wasnt your fault and I expect they will forgive you someday soon.

    Take it easy Wyatt,

  5. Hey everypawdy thanks for the nice words. I’m doing pretty darn good this morning. We’re at a truck stop and I went for a long walk, now I’m laying on the couch. YEAH! The COUCH! Dad says since they live in a dog house now that it’s OK if I sit on the furniture in here.

    My tummy is a little better. I only got up twice last night, and this morning I ate a lot of pumpkin so hopefully I’ll be 100 pawcent soon.

    Riley Pup, tell your pawrents to wait to go to Anza Borrego till January, that’s when we are going there!

  6. Pumpkin is the key to a good digestive system. When I was doing drugs while trying to keep my leg I had to eat lots of pumpkin cause the peeps are cool and all but the poopin’ in the house was not on the top ten list.

  7. Wyatt, did they get you a camera? If so take pics! I don’t have a camera. Kinda hard to get things like that here. We don’t have one of those houses on wheels either, so I can’t drive them nuts in it.

    My owner says he is going to teach me to give one paw once I get better. Man, he really wants me to be normal, huh?

  8. Sorry, my Mom was too disturbed to take pics of my runny poo all over the dog house on wheels! Maybe next time. Uh, nevermind, Mom says therewon’t be a next time.

    Why be normal dude, how boring!

  9. Man, I did not want pics of the running stuff. I wanted pics to see where we could visit. I won’t be able to lift my leg and show the world how it’s done, but I will be able to find a spot where I can get low and do it.

    Man, take pictures of all the funny stuff you see. We may never pass this way again.

    Hey, how is the food in the funny rolling doghouse?

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