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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Tasty Treats Found on the Road

December 30th, 2009 · 16 Comments · My Adventures

Everyone says puppies are so mischevious, so I thought I’d live up to that rep.

Right now I’m driving up with my pawrents to see Codie Rae, Smokey B., and the adoptable Travis Ray in the mountains. I got bored sitting in the back of my Granddad’s car that we borrowed, and found something really cool to sink my teeth into. Guess what it was?

A first aid kit! Yeah, I found a really cool first aid kit in the back where I’m sitting. The antiseptic didn’t taste so good, but the road flare gave me some good chewing action. I was chomping away when Dad said to Mom, “Uh, I think you’d better check on him…”

And Mom turned around and screamed! I just don’t get what the big deal is. I was calm and quiet and just chomping away on the road flare.

Mom yells “you have three kongs, a tire and a bear, and you still eat the road flare! What’s UP with that?!!!”

She’s on the Internet now, looking for the ingredients in a road flare. I can tell you, it was about as tasty as a piece of bark. I feel pretty good, don’t see why she is so worked up.

Oh what fun, I can’t wait to see my pals and tell them what I found!

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  • cometdog

    Not really a Kodak moment, was it Mom and Dad? That explains the generic dog treat photo!

  • Tazzie

    Ooo man. A road flare!?! You are so cool Wyatt, a real flame eater. Do you also eat swords?

    Assuming you survive, this will be one whopper of a tail to tell your granddogs!

    Maybe your pawrents think you are so mischievous because you are bored and they will adopt Travis Ray so you won’t be so bored and bad.

  • ldillon81

    Well, considering I thought he ate road kill given the title of the post, I’d say a first aid kit aint half bad. He just values his health! We had a dog once that ate an entire pop can (minus a few aluminum shreds). That was a fun vet visit.

  • Opie

    MMMMmmmmm road flare…..nummie nums. I ate a couple of batteries when I was a pup and am partial to drowned voles when the snow recedes in the spring, and winter moose nuggets are real tastey, but have never tasted a road flare…I’ll have to look for one of those….Opie

  • Opie

    PS. That road kill thing is not so far fetched. Ask my momma about road kill grouse…yeah. really.

  • cairasue

    Oh dear Lord! I read this one aloud to Adam who shouts…”There’s black powder and explosives and *&#$ in there! What was he thinking!” ha! Thinking? He was thinking “mmmmmm” I’m sure. Anyway, I hope your boy is OK. The things our dogs get into. I guess the road flare had a newer “flavor” than the old kong, etc.

  • cometdog

    Wyatt – don’t you dare leave us hanging!

  • Peyton's Path

    Road flare that does sound like a tasty treat! I like things that I can chew on. Mom and Dad don’t always agree with the choices I make, but I think they are good ones! When I was really little I gobbled up the cap from a water bottle. Before Dad could get to my mouth I swallowed it. It was good until they made me throw it up! Yuck!!! Keep exploring, but maybe try something a little less dangerous Wyatt!

    (Peyton’s brother)

  • wyattraydawg

    Heyyyyy…..road kill and water bottle caps…gee, I never even thought of those things! Thanks guys, I’ll have to start looking for some.

    Well, I’m fine. Just hanging with Codie Rae, Smokey and Travis. I guess road flares aren’t so toxic after all!

    P.S. Yeah Tazzie, Mom is definitely trying to talk Dad into adopting Travis. Apparently she thinks he has a calming effect on me. I just think he’s nice but B-O-R-I-N-G!

  • gineej

    were you trying to glow in the dark??!!

    Are you really gonna get a brother? how cool!!

    Love, Paris

  • Tazzie

    I was starting to get REAL worried about Wyatt and his road flare, since we hadn’t heard anything. I imagined all sorts of scenarios – kaboom! (Tazzie tried some handwarmers a year or two ago, but I guess a bit of carbon isn’t that bad for a resilient doggy gut).

    Glad all is well. I wonder what your parents will say when you bring two shepherds home?

    Now don’t go and try to trade poor Wyatt in for Travis. 🙂

  • maggie

    Holy cow Wyatt!!!! You scared the dickens out of me and Mom! You reminded her of when she read Jeff King’s “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” book…one of his sled dogs ate a flare! She survived it and she ate the whole thing but they got it out of her!!!
    Find something else yummy like moose or deer poop or something along that lines to eat, Wyatt! It’s safer 😉


  • wyattraydawg

    Maggie, I DO like moose poop, a lot. But there ain’t no moose here in L.A. where we are right now, so I had to search for something unusual!

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