Tasty Treats Found on the Road

Three legged Shepherd puppy Wyatt eats a road flare for lunch.

Everyone says puppies are so mischevious, so I thought I’d live up to that rep.

Right now I’m driving up with my pawrents to see Codie Rae, Smokey B., and the adoptable¬†Travis Ray in the mountains. I got bored sitting in the back of my Granddad’s car that we borrowed, and found something really cool to sink my teeth into. Guess what it was?

A first aid kit! Yeah, I found a really cool first aid kit in the back where I’m sitting. The antiseptic didn’t taste so good, but the road flare gave me some good chewing action. I was chomping away when Dad said to Mom, “Uh, I think you’d better check on him…”

And Mom turned around and screamed! I just don’t get what the big deal is. I was calm and quiet and just chomping away on the road flare.

Mom yells “you have three kongs, a tire and a bear, and you still eat the road flare! What’s UP with that?!!!”

She’s on the Internet now, looking for the ingredients in a road flare. I can tell you, it was about as tasty as a piece of bark. I feel pretty good, don’t see why she is so worked up.

Oh what fun, I can’t wait to see my pals and tell them what I found!