Hey Dr. Feelgood, Don’t Forget About Meeee

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray Dawg goes in for exploratory surgery at Texas A&M University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Boy, of all my schemes to squeeze attention from my pawrents, this week’s stunt wasn’t on my radar, I swear! I really didn’t plan to visit an operating room on the same day that Spirit Jerry was getting his leg amputated back in 2006, but sometimes that just how life rolls.

There I was one day last week, having a ball barking and getting into scruffs with the Amazing Tripawd Vizsla, Bart (more on that action-packed adventure when I’m feelin better), when all of a sudden this thing starts growing on my butt and before I knew it, wheeeeeeeee, down the rabbit hole and into surgery with some people that folks call “Aggies.”

Here’s the kicker: I’ve got them geniuses stumped, AGAIN! Haha, just like last year at Colorado State when the smart people couldn’t figure out why my stump had a lump, now I’ve got more Einsteins wondering what the heck is THAT on his BUTT?

It sucks that I have to stay in the hospital until next week, but I’m getting so much love here from all the poor vet students who had to stay in skewl for Thanksgiving. I heard the doc tell my people that maybe next week I can go home. Dang, I hope so, I want some of those turkey leftovers I keep hearing about!

Hey you guys, don’t feel bad for me OK? You go be with your tribe, love each other up on Thanksgiving, and remember, who loves you baby? I do!

Your friend, conspirator, and Sheriff,
Wyatt Ray Dawg


Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of Tripawds.com.

17 thoughts on “Hey Dr. Feelgood, Don’t Forget About Meeee”

  1. Oh Wyatt Ray…we love you and glad that you are feeling snarky!! All paws crossed in Buffalo. Hoping that stinky butt lump bursts on someone you don’t like. Then you can go home and have turkey!!!

    Love from Pegz and Chaz

  2. Get well soon, buddy. I am sure your pawrents will save you some goodies from Thanksgiving dinner, and will get you out of there as soon as they can. Hope those Aggies figure out what that thing on your butt is mighty quick.

    Licks and Leans,

    Queen Nova

  3. Darn I wish you were in the hospital closer, I would come visit you because I know how bad it is to have to stay at the hospital! Just make sure you make good use of the time there and rest up!

  4. I wish you were closer too, Wyatt! I’d send Bernie Bin Laden over to that hospital to wake them students up!! I bet they’ve never seen anything like you and BBL playing!! Get well soon, buddy! You and Bernladen have some catching up to do!

  5. Awe, Wyatt, Maggie & Haley(and me too!) are sending you lots of healing thoughts, dude!! Make those genius’s hurry up and figure out what’s wrong with you, so they can fix you and you can get outta there!!!

    Tracy, Maggie & Haley

  6. Hey Wyatt; hope you feel better real soon and hope you get some turkey tomorrow– that should do the trick.

  7. Wyatt Ray! Get those ears up! Ferchrissake, don’t let the enemy see ya lookin’ weak! Obviously that thing on your butt needs regulating and I am On.My.Way. Who’s the Sheriff? I AM! Me ‘n the Oaktown Posse gonna saddle up and R.I.D.E! Hang in there ‘lil buddy, we’re comin’! That rump lump is T.O.A.S.T!

    Love ya homie!
    CR & the OP+1

  8. Well I’m glad to see you have your priorities in the right order 🙂

    Turkey , Attention then lastly Sort My BUTT OUT !!!

    Anyone with these brilliant thought’s running through Their brain will soon be Butt Free and eating Turkey by the Plate full 🙂

    Make sure your pawrents keep the turkey on ice, as you will be ear’s erect and Butt Sorted ~ before they can get their RV in Reverse and Parked !

    lots of love zena and Fizzle’s who also loved Turkey but she didn’t eat Road Flare’s ……….. 😛 xoxox

  9. Hang in there Wyatt! If you were in IL I would send a message to Buster and Finchy to go into stealth mode and sneak you some turkey. Get better soon ya hear?

    Spirit Chili Dawg

  10. Dear Wyatt,

    We don’t allow too much dead animal in the house, but today we have a dead turkey on the counter. I got out all the yummy gut bits and planned to split them between Evelyn and Dakota, but instead I think I’ll hold on to them and mail them to you in the hospital. As soon as you give me the address, they’ll be on their way. I imagine by then they will be even yummier than they are today.

    Do try to be good, but not too good. Don’t let anyone think they get to tell you what to do. Cooperate, but only on your terms. They want something from you, they give something for the privilege.

    Get well soon and back to giving orders.

    Shari and Dakota and Evelyn

  11. Baw!Haw!Haw! Holy smokes you guys crack me up! Dang, your advice really got me all riled up and hoppy. So hoppy that I’m eating and drinking and peein’ and poopin, even with the butt lump in my way!

    Paws up you guys, you are the best. You made me smile, and my peoples laughed when they saw what you wrote.

    The doctor told my people that I might be able to come home Saturday for a little break before more dumb tests. YAY! So I’m thinking I’ll cooperate enough to give ’em what they want, which is me being hoppy, so I can get what I want, which is to GO HOME!

    I am thankful for all of you and your good wishes! Hoppy Thanksgiving everypawdy.

  12. Hi Wyatt . Hang in there mate, be strong an you will be home in no time. In the meantime let the lovely students take good care of you. Surely you will get the best treats ever when you get home.
    Paw up.
    Zambor & Christine

  13. Hey Wyatt – sorry we are late with the well-wishes. We’ve been off eating some of that turkey stuff. I hope you got some!
    Hang in there and stop stumping (no Tripawd pun intended…) the doctors! Help them figure out why you have the butt lump so they can get you well and back home!
    Jackie, Angel Abby & MBBunny Rita

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