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Way To Go Wyatt

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Way To Go Wyatt

I’m Somepawdy in Luckenbach

January 16th, 2013 · 2 Comments · My Adventures

Well folks, it’s been almost two weeks since I left the Aggies and life is good. I can run and go crazy, no more doctors telling me what I can and can’t do. Look at me! I’m freeeee!

That was me in this tiny Texas town called Lukenbach.
Mom and Dad go there all the time, they like to hear the music.

They say everypawdy is somepawdy in Luckenbach.
Don’t they know I’m somepawdy everywhere I go?

Hey man, I’m with the band!

Well, that’s it for now from Wyatt Ray Dawg’s Universe. What’s new in yours?

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  • princess

    Wyatt, it’s so good to see you away from those doctors and having fun on your own terms! You look very happy.

    By the way, we saw those boots you are wearing at the very top on police dogs on the TV last night. They looked really cool.

  • blackdogcompanion

    You are gorgeous Wyatt and it’s great that your free and doing so well.

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