Travelin’ Tripawd Ambassador

See how the German Shepherd Tripawd Spokesdog Wyatt Ray sees his bride and meets a long-time Tripawds Mom, Penny, in Northern California.

Me and my crazy life. My people took our rolling doghouse away from Colorado, but that’s OK. California ain’t so bad. At least the places we like to go!

I got to see my wife Hannah Rae Dawg again. It’s been too long! She was being a spokesgirl with me at the Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer Walk. I wish she could live in the doghouse with me.

Tripawd, dog, three-legged, amputee
Hannah Rae and Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Couple of the Century.

Then my buddies, the Oaktown Pack let me chill in their crib while Moms and Pops went to see some family. Apparently these peole have a “show dog” who doesn’t get to wrassle with us street dawgs. Poor dawg.


And finally, the best part? I got to meet Pawesome Penny! She’s a big Tripawds fan for a long time now, because she Mom to Spirit Maggie, Blink, Hank and Petunia the horse! She lives near our campsite and made the trip to come see us last week. I really like her. She totally understood where I’m coming from.


Mom and Dad used to think that maybe moving around so much wasn’t too good for me. They thought it stressed me out. How funny huh? I’m like, how can anyone be stressed when you get to do this?!



Author: jerry

Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

4 thoughts on “Travelin’ Tripawd Ambassador”

  1. Wyatt Ray I love your life! Yup looks like you really enjoyed sharing your “specialness” with Penny too. Love the picture of you and your “wife” Hannah Rae too. Best looking dawg couple EVER!

  2. Wyatt – our time together is never long enough! I miss you already…but thoroughly enjoyed our time together!

    Please tell your maw and paw that I am ready to live with you in the doghouse!

  3. Hi Wyatt – We’ve never met but my maw just discovered your website and blog while searching for a winter coat with a handle for me. You see, like you, I too am a very active tri-paw…a rear leg amputee. My maw and paw saw my photo on a local shelter’s website and immediately fell in love with me, especially because of my three leggedness. I was rescued from a kill shelter in KY with four legs but broke the same leg twice while horsing around in the snow at my very nice foster mom’s house in KY. After the second break during the same winter, they decided the leg couldn’t be saved. It doesn’t stop me but doing what I love. My maw and paw bring me mountain biking and I trail run with my maw. My maw and I are also working on completing all of the 48 four-thousand footers in NH’s White Mountains. So far, we’ve completed 6 together…even in the snow! It’s so much fun. I love canoeing too even though I’m not too crazy about swimming, even with my life jacket. Sorry for the long message Wyatt and thank you for showing our humans to not be afraid to adopt pups like us, especially if those humans lead an active outdoor lifestyle. My maw says that I am an inspiration to everyone we meet which is why my maw and I are “peak-bagging” together.

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