Blood Brothers

Tripod dog Wyatt Ray gets beat up by four legged Labrador Riley.

Oh Cousin Riley, why did you have to try to hump my head?  I know you’re old and cranky, but I just wanted to play. I didn’t mean to get on your nerves. You shouldda told me you were tired, instead of pinning me on the ground and biting my neck so hard.

Sheesh, if you had just told me that, I wouldn’t have bit your ear in three places.

What’s a little blood between cousins? Glad you’re OK.

P.S. Mom says that she’s glad I defended myself. There’s nothing worse than seeing a Tripawd getting nailed by a quadruped.

Can’t Keep a Great Dog In

Three legged German Shepherd rescue Wyatt Ray talks about wire dog crates to help with his behavior issues.

Mom, trust me. I’m fine here in this portable crate, I promise I’ll just stay here and play with my toys while you go out and have fun. Take as long as you want, really. I’m a big boy, I know how to take care of myself. . .

Hmmmph! Guess that didn’t work. This crate is long gone and now Codie Rae gets to sleep in it.

So Mom just got me this nifty wire crate. Check out how the door opens up on the side. Ain’t that the coolest? Mom got this one because it’s light and fits in the RV. They have really fancy ones that cost a lot of bones, but this one was a bargain, whatever that is.

Wyatt in The Other Door Dog CrateSo far I’ve only broken out of it once. But that was a very tough day, when Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me go herd the 30 goats outside our RV door. I wanted to herd them soooo bad! I’ll save that story for another time . . .

Meanwhile, I’m doing pretty good in my new crate. Today I stayed in it for a whole hour, and I didn’t freak out or anything. All I needed was a walk and a good meal before I was locked inside like a rabid beast. Oh, and covering it with a blanket helped too. I thought it was nightime all of a sudden. Duuuuh!

Mom says thank Dog for zip ties. She used a dozen of them to tie the crate sides and front door shut. Even 3 locks on the door can’t keep me inside! Hey, Codie Rae, tell your pawrents thanks for that idea . . . not!


Three Legged Couch Surfin’ at the Office

Three legged amputee hero Wyatt Ray Dawg plays Chief Fun Officer at Agreda Communications.

Mom and Dad work at home all day, and when they’re on their computers, there’s no stopping them. Not even if I toss a Hol-ee Roller in their laps, or look cute, or anything! Well, unless I’ve gotta go potty, of course. Then they get up and take me outside.

So whatever, I don’t fight it. I just do what comes naturally to me, and sleep all day long. I can be a big couch potato between 10 am and 5pm. But come 5pm, I’m awake and rearin’ to go again!

If it wasn’t for me, their paws would be banging away on those things all day and into the night.

Thank Dog that humans have us around to remind them about what’s really important.

Getting My Beauty Sleep

Three legged rescue dog Wyatt shares his love of lounging on the couch with readers.

All that time I spent running around at the Ranch sure took its toll on me.

Now that I’m back at home, I’m spending more time napping and less time being a cranky puppy.

Mom and Dad like this a lot. They say I’m a great office dog. They work all day, and I sleep. At 5pm, I ring the bell and let them know it’s time to go for a walk, by running amok and chewing on the corner of their laptops. Today I ran past Dad’s Mac, and yanked the cord right out!

I make sure they don’t work too much. And little by little, as we walk the roads in our new mountain neighborhood, my rear back leg keeps getting stronger.

In no time at all, I’ll run a mile faster than you can say

Codie Rae!”

I Came, I Saw, I Barked

Three legged dog hero Wyatt talks about freedom and being offleash at the ranch.

Ok, so I’m saying to myself, “Wow, what the heck is that thing?”

Then Mom says “Wyatt, be nice!” And I’m like “Hey, that’s one heckuva ugly dog!

This character you see is just one species I got to know really well during my stay at Vickers Ranch. Right there in my backyard at the campground, I saw deer, horses, snakes, and lots of two legged cowboys and cowgirls too.

But all of that activity really got to me. Mom and Dad were taking me everywhere with them while they helped out, and I didn’t get much time to rest.

I was too busy trying to run around with the other dogs, who were all offleash, and I put up a real stink whenever Mom and Dad wanted to tie a leash to me. This made me really, really cranky.

So my pawrents decided that it was time to go. That perhaps the ranch is just a little too much excitement for a pup like me. They told me that when I’m older we can go back, but now, we’ve gone home to work on training.

But really, we all know the truth about who’s training who, don’t we?

Heh heh.