Pawtying with my Peeps

Three legged German Shepherd Dog Wyatt parties in Longmont Colorado.

You haven’t heard from me in a while. You know what that means? It means I’ve been a Very Good Dog.

Ok, maybe not all the time, but you haven’t seen my name in the headlines either, have you?

I’ve been an almost-pawfect dog, even at the Colorado Tripawds Pawty which my pawrents were really worried about taking me to.

They thought I might try to eat a Golden, nibble on a Shitzu or go around with my Sherrif Wyatt act.

But I dunno, something about being surrounded by my peeps just made me want to relax and have a good time. There were so many Tripawds there, and I got along good with all of them, even Rhyss

I was really hoppy all these Tripawds showed up, it was a good day. Mom and Dad were relieved that I didn’t do anything to make people mad at me. Now we can have another pawty!

When I got home I crashed hard. There’s nothing like an afternoon of pawtying to make for one hoppy dawg.

Power to the Tripawds!

Who’s a Water Dawg?

How not to teach a three legged German Shepherd dog how to swim.

If I was meant to swim in water, I would’ve been born with webbed feet, or at least with a Float Coat strapped around me.

But for some reason, my pawrents think that I’ll have a good time if I get my fur soaking wet in ice cold water.

I tried to tell them when we were camped next to a river in Texas, but they wouldn’t buy it. “The water is so warm Wyatt, get in!” The begged me but I wouldn’t do it.

Then, last week we went to a dog park in Fort Collins that has a swimming pond.

There were a lot of crazy dogs there who loved getting in the water. Beats me why they thought it was so fun. But everyone there thought I should get in too.

The humans kept begging me to go in.

Then you know what they did? They took my tennis ball, and threw it in the water. “Go git it, Wyatt!” they yelled. I thought that was pretty mean. There I was, having a good time chasing small dogs with a tennis ball in my mouth, when all of a sudden it was grabbed away from me and I was expected to swim.

Ok, so I got in up to my elbows. And then I got out. My new buddy got mad, and yelled at me to get back in, but no tennis ball was worth it to me.

 Yeah right. I am a Shepherd after all! I was born to patrol water, not get into it and end up looking like that!

Fun with Dipper at the Reno Dog Park

Video with three legged german Shepherd puppy Wyatt and Dipper playing at Rancho San RAfael off leash dog park in Reneo NV.

It is often asked in the discussion forums how we tripawd dogs do at the dog park. Well, before we left Fernley, NV I got to go to the biggest dog park I’ve ever seen in Reno.

There was about 20 acres to run around, but I chose to keep playing in one spot with this cute gal dog I met…

Dipper was a big girl who liked to play ruff. We took turns being Alpha, and had lots of fun. I got really good and tired, so my peeps could trust me alone in the truck while they enjoyed a long buffet brunch. I was sacked out the whole time and didn’t feel like doing any damage. But they didn’t even bring me any leftovers!