See Wyatt Run.

My pawrents just heard that it is -12 degrees in Fernley, Nevada and that it snowed a couple feet there the other day. I sure liked playing in the snow at home, but for staying at an RV Park, that’s ridiculous! I’m sure glad we left when we did.

Here’s another little movie my people of me running when we were still there. Note the lack of ice on the ground!


Watch Out Where the Shepherds Go

Three legged hero Wyatt Ray Dawg discovers the joys of playing in powdery white stuff.

Winter WyattSomeone pinch me and tell me I’m having a doggy dream. I woke up today and thought “oh good, time for a walk.” I figured we’d do the usual morning run up theĀ  hill.

But then Dad opened the door, and wooooaaaaah!

The dirt was gone. There was this white powder everywhere! I stepped in it and it was cold, and wet, and blowing all over me!

I played in it, I peed in it, I ate it (not in that order!), and had so much fun in it.

But what exactly is this stuff? And how come I shouldn’t eat it if it’s yellow?