And Then Spirit Jerry Told Me

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt understands the importance of a strong pack as he grows up into an adult dog.

Wyatt,” said Jerry. “2012 is going to be your year. I know it. This is the year when you can let go of your past, and move yourself forward so that you can be the pawesome dog I know you were meant to be.

This is the year when you will turn into a Rockstar Tripawd, the time when you will show your pawrents how much you care about your pack by being at your folk’s side, always calmly and obediently, and helping other dogs stay cool in ruff times.

Wyatt, I know you can do this.

OK Jerry. I think I can too.

We’re only 11 days into the year, but so far, so good. No fightin, no cussin, no spittin and no swearin. It ain’t so bad being a good dawg. I like the attention and I’ll keep at it. For you, and all the other Tripawds out there who need help.

Sure Jerry, I can do this!

Santa Paws See How Good I’ve Been?

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray asks Santa Paws for a good Christmas for three legged dogs.

Santa Paws I’ve been a very good boy this year!

This is how good I’ve been:

  1. gave up shoes as chew toys
  2. didn’t eat the furniture
  3. stopped munching on human fingers
  4. don’t need to stay in my crate when my peeps are gone
  5. kept the moose away from the homestead
  6. stopped barking at everything
  7. made friends with little dawgs
  8. learned how to play “roll over” 
  9. let small dogs walk past me 
  10. can do that dumb “heel” thing when asked

So what do you say ol’ Saint Nick? Did I earn myself some points? Yeah I thought so! So here goes… all I want for Christmas is for my Tripawds friends to live a long time, and I want a furever home for every homeless Tripawd.

Really, that’s all I want OK?

Codie Rae Regulates the Rockies and Me

Three legged German Shepherd rescue dogs from Northern California visit Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray in Red Feather Lakes Colorado.

I miss my peeps from the ‘hood. Codie Rae, Travis Ray and Smokey B., they’re the original Oaktown Pack who helped me get better after my amputation. I forgot all about that recovery thing when I was hangin’ with my crew! 

Over summer, this crazy posse came up da mountain to see me and we were rockin‘ da house. Codie Rae said I needed some regulating or something, she thought I was outta control. Maybe I was. I think she made her point.


The Wiley Riot Turkey Day Smackdown

Three legged tripod German Shepherd Wyatt meets quadpawd GSD Riley in Austin Texas Turkey Day Smackdown.

The Day: Thanksgiving, 2011.
The Place
: Austin Texas
The Facts:
Two crazy Shepherds collide. Who’s the baddest dawg of them all?

So, I’m there to meet this Riley Pup that my Mom is all ga-ga over. He lives in a dog house on wheels too. Mom always talks about him like he’s my twin or something.  I guess his antics are pretty good, like the time he ate a ‘puter or something like that. OK, I gotta admit that’s a kewl stunt, but hey Riley, guess what? I ate a road flare! Top that!

12:30 pm. The match is on!  Let the Wiley Riot Circus Begin!

Growl! Hiss! Snarl! Bark!

Will this dynamite duo get along? Can they contain their killer instincts long enough to try? Only time will tell.

12:35 pm. Alright dude, let’s roll!

What? You say you wanna pawty? Come ON!

12:40 pm. So You’re a Frisbee dawg eh? Well what am I supposed to do with THAT?

I got the Frisbee! I got the Frisbee!

12:45 pm. Look Tripawd, it’s like THIS!

Come on kid, I dare you to grab it!

12:50 pm. The keep away game continues. . .

Should I kill you now or wait until you give up the Frisbee? Hmmmm..

12:55 pm. What-evah. I’m over it.

Can’t we all just get along?

1:00 pm. Truce?

Riley: “This kid ain’t so bad after all.”

Wyatt: “Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! You just wait Riley Dawg!”

To be continued . . .