Bye Bye Rocky Mountains, Hello Highway

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt flies south from Colorado to Texas for winter.

Well it’s about that time of year again and maybe now I can say I’m a road dawg veteran. This is my third year of winter roadtripping with the humans.

Summer, you were pretty good to me while I explored Colorado where the humans worked. What more could a dawg ask for? 

But now that Old Man Winter has arrived, it’s time for me to check out of those icy cold Rocky Mountains and go south with the snowbirds. 

Come on Dad, hurry up! 

Heeeeeerrre Fishy, Fishy

Three legged canine amputee extraordinaire Wyatt Ray Dawg catches his first fish in Lake City, Colorado.

Why are fish cleverer than humans?

Ever seen a fish spend a fortune trying to hook a human?

Hahahahaha! I kill myself sometimes!

That’s me, fishing with Mom and Dad in Lake City, Colorado. See, they don’t call it “Lake City” for nothin!

Can’t wait to go back next summer.

When the Humans Are Away . . .

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray stays home alone without the crate for the first time.

The German Shepherds play. Or at least I will, all by myself!

Today Mom and Dad left me all alone in the house, without locking me in the big ugly cage! Can you believe it? First time EVER, for that long.

They’ve been messing with my head lately, leaving me all alone in the house for a few  minutes each time, but today was the real deal. 

When they left this morning, I heard Mom say she “thinks” they can trust me alone for a couple of hours. I don’t know why she was so worried!

They were gone all morning and when they came back at lunch, there I was waiting for them, being my usual charming self. 

I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t have, chew on anypawdy’s shoes or scratch at the door. All I did was dance on the couch for a little bit, which tired me out so I slept. When I woke up, I heard them in the driveway.

“You’re a big boy now, Wyatt!” Mom sez to me. “You’re all growed up!”

Really? Me? 

No more crate? No way! 

Let’s pawty!


Back on Patrol

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray recovers from major surgery and foreign matter material invasion in his leg.

Hey Moose? Hey Skwirl? Guess what? 

I’m back!

Yeah  you heard me.

No more stitches, no more pills.

No more bandages or bland meals.

Now there’s just vet bills! Hahaha!

The doctors say there’s no more “foreign matter” in my leg.

How did those foreigners get in my leg anyhow?

Now, my life is back to normal and I’m ready to kick some butt!

Are you ready?


Feelin’ Realllly Good Right Now

Canine amputee Wyatt Ray goes home from surgery at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

It’s good to be home. Did you miss me?

Well, I missed YOU. Mom and Dad told me everypawdy was worried ’cause I was in the hospital for so long. You dudes are the best, thanks for the concern!

But as you can see, I’m doing jussssst dandy right now. Got my Tramadol and my comfy bed, what more can I want?

What The . . . ?

So, you’re wonderin’ what the heck happened? What’s up with the two and a half hour surgery on my stump?

Well, I”ll let Mom and Dad tell you on the “official” Tripawds News Blog. Because I don’t really get it. Something about some foreigner getting into my stump (don’t ask me how they got there) and makin’ everything all icky in there.

No worries dudes and dudettes, I’m all good thanks to my pawesome vet-in-training! Christa Rocks! Colorado State is all that people say it is and more. They were SO nice to me!

Just a few more days with this stupid cone of shame and the hand-grenade on my side, and I’ll be good as new.

Well, maybe when the hair grows back on my stump . . .  and on my weiner! Baaaaahhhh! They shaved my WEINER!

Good night everypawdy. Talk to you soon.